Sunday, May 29, 2011

‮Why Zatanna?

‮What an interesting question! To be honest a lot of this comes down to me being REALLY into choosing female characters for this site. They're usually a lot more involving and take far more creative 'umph' for our group of manly men to write.

‮But just saying that would be a great disservice to such an enticing character. Zatanna Zatara is notable AMAZING. A backwards talking magician(really? Who woulda guessed that from this horrifically hard to read why post?) by trade, and frequent Justice Leaguer, Zatanna is the go-to character when dealing with anything mystical in nature in the DC universe. Which totally puts her ahead from the competition. I mean is Doctor Strange this attractive? No, but then they're both drawings so WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!

‮Anyway, all of this is doing a fair old job of bigging her up, but what stuff is their to mine when writing about Zatanna? Answer: A BUNCH OF STUFF. First and foremost she's been known for having a relationship with recent re-addition to the DCU and former Thought Balloons choice John Constantine, so any Alphas can just straight up resort to doing a script about the two of them. Secondly, she rather famously erased the JLA's memories following the horrific Dr. Light rape storyline in Identity Crisis, and though she's gone through a lot as a result of it, her guilt is still out there, ready for plucking if you want to make a more tragic storyline. Other than those two there's always her relationship with the Gotham City Sirens and more specifically Catwoman to play about with if you want to go all out girl power, as well as elements from her Seven Soldiers miniseries and her current ongoing to pluck at.

‮Still, I won't tell you what to do. I just hope that you all have something brilliant to bring to the table at the proper start of year two of Thought Balloons!

You can buy the first volume of Zatanna's latest series HERE (UK) and her Seven Soldiers mini can be found amongst the others in these various collections (UK), and of course there's Identity Crisis HERE (UK) and her famous storyline Zatanna's Search HERE (UK).

And if you want to kill me because I wrote that whole Why post using Cyrillic Millions then... I'm sorry.


  1. I knew you were going to do this. You are more awesome because of it.

  2. I wish I had the time to actually read that, but being another DC character I have no interest in, I don't feel it would be a worthy investment of the already-limited resourse ;)

  3. m'I gninoitseuq thgir won rethehw I dluohs od ym sgnitar siht keew sa lausu ro etisoppo tahw d'I yllamron od ni redro ot eb 'yemeht' htiw eht elohw sdrawkcab gniht.

  4. First time posting here. Excuse the strange formatting. The comment box here does strange things to my comic script template.

    Premise: Just a one page, 'slice of life', scene using Zatanna and The Flash.

    PAGE 1
    The page consists of 6 panels in a three tier, two panel grid.

    MEDIUM CLOSE shot on ZATANNA. For the majority of this page the viewpoint remains fixed in this position. She's sat down in a high backed chair. She has her knees pulled up to her chest, resting a book on them. Behind her we can see a window looking out into space. We're on the JLA satellite.

    To the left of Zatanna is, strangely, a neatly stacked pile of cats. They look alarmed and scared out of their wits, clawing at each other to stay stable.

    ZATANNA: Stack of cats.

    FIXED PANEL. In the background we can see THE FLASH entering from the left hand side of the panel. He looks towards Zatanna, a puzzled look on his face.

    The cats have disappeared. Resting next to Zatanna on the chair now is a Golden Log.

    ZATANNA: Golden log.

    FIXED PANEL. The Flash cautiously moves closer to Zatanna, the same puzzled look on his face.

    The log has vanished. A kayak leans against the chair.

    ZATANNA: Kayak.

    FIXED PANEL. The Flash is just behind the chair now.

    In the kayak's place an olive floats in the air next to the chair. Mini storm clouds hover around it as it shoots out tiny thunderbolts.

    ZATANNA: Evil olive.

    THE FLASH: Um...Zee?

    The olive has disappeared. Zatanna has put the book down and turned around to face The Flash.

    ZATANNA: What's up Wally?

    THE FLASH :What are you doing?

    CLOSE UP on Zatanna. She flashes a smile and holds up the open book, facing us.

    On the page we can see a long list of sentences, phrases and words headed by the title "List of Palindromes".

    ZATANNA: Just brushing up.

  5. @Maxy - You are both the best and the worst for having made the entire post backwards. Just so you know.

    @Dan - This is a great script! The calm and deliberate pace make the reveal at the end all the more exciting. A really clever twist on Zatanna's powers, and one that I had never considered myself. Awesome stuff for a first post!

  6. @ Dan: That is hilarious! I particularly love the image of the 'evil olive'. Nicely thought out, nicely written, nicely done. Couldn't do better myself. :-)

  7. @Dan - Welcome, great to have you here. I really liked this script. A simple, fun narrative and easy to both read and picture. Looking forward to reading more from you.

  8. @Dan: Nice fun page. The only issue I had was "Golden Log". Wouldn't that be "Golned Log" backwards? :)

  9. The Entertainment

    Panel 1:Exterior shot. The front of Grauman’s Chinese Theater—you know, the famous LA one with the movie star handprints. It’s nighttime, and the theater is all lit up and glam looking. ZATANNA strides toward the entrance. In front of her, a handprint ceremony is commencing, full of Disney Tween Celebrity sensations. Toss in a Justin Bieber or Miley Cyrus stand-in for clarity’s sake, but as long as the others look suitably vapid, go nuts.

    CAP (ZATANNA): Grauman’s Theater all lit up like that—Ten years ago, I’d have sold my soul just to turn tricks out on the front curb.

    Panel 2: Sidelong shot of ZATANNA phasing through the crowd, invisible. She’s dressed in her classic fishnets and tuxedo outfit, and barely gives the handprint ceremony a second thought. One of her hands phases through the door.

    CAP (ZATANNA): Wait—perform! I meant—

    CAP: (ZATANNA): Agh. Nevermind.

    Panel 3: ZATANNA walks down the theater aisle. To one side of her, we see slightly ghostly forms of Marilyn Monroe and Paul Newman lounging in the seats. Newman flirts with Marilyn, who ignores him glamorously. To their left, we can see John Wayne, who’s turned away from an off-panel Gary Cooper to give ZATANNA a quick salute. All three are identified as ghosts by their blue-tinged aura. The seats around them are filled with other, less-defined spirits.

    CAP (ZATANNA): Marilyn leans back, playing it cool, dodging Newman’s meaningful glances. John takes a break from moaning at Grace and Gary in order to say hello.

    Panel 4: Shot of ZATANNA climbing the stage steps. She’s partially turned around, shooting a knowing grin towards two ghosts sitting in the front row that the reader is essentially sitting behind.

    CAP (ZATANNA): James and Marlon take a break from the other ladies to shoot me a wink and a nod. I don’t care how long they’ve been underground—those boys have moves.

    Panel 5: Close-up shot of the side of ZATANNA’s head. She’s onstage, smiling, about to start his magic show, but her smile is tight and her face is slick with nervous sweat.

    CAP (ZATANNA): Smile, Zee. The show must go on.

    Panel 6: Shot from behind ZATANNA. Golden spotlights flare at the top of the frame, and ZATANNA, silhouetted, has her arms up, calling for applause. But her audience, previously a gaggle of charming Hollywood spirits, from far away looks like an army of empty-eyed creatures of blue flame.

    CAP (ZATANNA): These golden oldies need entertainment, or those teen celebs out there are in for a nasty surprise.

  10. Thanks for the feedback and the warm welcome!

    @Danial Yes it would. I only noticed that when you pointed it out actually. Don't write a script with a caffeine addled mind, kids.

    @Aryeh Nice concept and executed well. Love the idea of old hollywood vs the new too. Of course, I will not be happy now until I see a spectral John Wayne scaring the living bejesus out of Justin Bieber.

  11. Dan - welcome, I see I wasn't the only one having fun with palindromes this week... though stack of cats only works if you remove the of. Nice script, look forward to seeing more from you in future weeks.

    Aryeh - I'm a sucker for this kind of script, full of guest appearances and celebrity. I'd happily read the rest of that story.


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