Sunday, May 29, 2011

Zatanna - 'Nuff Said? - Maxy Barnard

The Premise: Oh come on, now. You know the idea here, right?


(note: instead of dialogue in the speech balloons, I will instead describe the objects to put in there in place of actual speech, contained within []. e.g [UPSIDE DOWN TOILET]. Figure it'd be the best approach to doing her magic without saying anything, and it should add a nice touch to it all.)

Zatanna is chasing an imp down a new york alleyway towards a dead end.

The imp's back is pressed against the wall of the dead end, panicked. Zatanna is striding over, one hand on her hip.

Close on Zatanna as she points to the ground, mouth all agape and surly as if saying something really unpleasant to the imp.


The imp flails in pain and grows in size as it's pulled by an unknown force through a dark portal on the ground.

The imp has grown into a large fire demon, a fair foot or two taller than Zatanna and is pulling itself out of the hole, lunging towards Zatanna, who is jumping as if surprised.

Close on Zatanna as the imp/fire demon's shadow falls over her, backlit by his bright orange flames. One of her hands is up on her mouth in shock.

Zatanna: [A PILE OF POO]


  1. It's the final panel that sells the concept.

  2. For the last panel, I would have put [GIOVANNI ZATARA]

    You know, a Motherf***er. (Can we curse here?)

  3. I liked this. It's a fun concept. It'd be a challenge (but an exciting one) to do an entire done in one issue using this formula.

  4. Awesome Max. A great playful script, and i concur with MK - that last panel is gold.

  5. From an artistic point of view: How can a creature made of flame cast a shadow? Surely the brightness of the flame would negate any other lightsources, and hence, it would have no shadow. Just something to think about when describing a panel.

    I really like the concept of using icons in place of made-up magical words, but I'm curious, how is "a pile of poo" a spell?

  6. @Danial - It's not. She's just swearing.

    As for the fire/shadow thing... yeah I didn't really think that through at all

  7. I like the idea of using images in place of dialogue, and you make good use of it for this lighthearted piece. As has been said, the last panel sells the whole concept.

  8. This is a classic Max page, ingenious and funny. Not much else to say except for the flame casting shadow... "it's magic". ;-)


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