Monday, June 6, 2011

Art - Walking Dead - Danikah Harrison

A while back one of our Thought Balloon characters was Rick Grimes, the lead from The Walking Dead.

Recently, I have been in the search for artists to help me out with some of my projects, for I cannot draw to save my life. I was put in touch with young Ms Danikah Harrison by our own Danial Carroll. To see her drawing prowess, I suggested to Danikah that she may wish to draw one of my Thought Balloons scripts, which she did. Obviously. So without my further ramblings, here is the art of my one page Rick Grimes script - A Moment.


  1. I like this page. Danikah clearly has some game. I'd work with her, I like that her backgrounds feel layerd, this takes place in a room not in white space.

    Pity about the script, though, ha!

  2. Hands off Lindsay, she's my artist. I stole her off Danial first.

    I'm pretty certain you will be seeing some more work of ours soonish.

  3. Excellent work, both. This particular script sticks in my head as one of your strongest tb contributions, Ben, good to finally see it brought to life.


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