Thursday, June 16, 2011

Dashiell Bad Horse - Dreamcatcher - Matt Duarte

Dashiell Bad Horse in “Dreamcatcher” by Matt Duarte

Panel 1


A close up of a three piece glass dreamcatcher. On the top one, there's a wolf running among a group of deer. On the second one there is a hunter bringing down an eagle. On the third, there's a hut with a bonfire right in front of it.

CAPTION: I'll be the first to admit, I was never one for all the spiritual shit.

CAPTION: Keeping the bad dreams out? Yeah fucking right.

Panel 2

Description: Dash is laying down on his bed completely naked. He looks comfortable and at peace, with his eyes closed. Hanging out right above it is the same dreamcatcher, on a nail against the wall. The room looks like an absolute mess.

CAPTION: But since I hung this dreamcatcher on the wall, I've slept like a baby.

CAPTION: I can't even remember the last time I rested so peacefully.

Panel 3

Description: A flashback panel, showing Dash in his work clothes. There's a big semi truck, with it's back doors open, and lots of boxes scattered around. Dash is opening one of the boxes and looking inside.

CAPTION: Funny how people get attached to the most random objects. Finding it was pure luck.

CAPTION: Like it was calling out to me.

Panel 4

Description: Flashback panel. Dash is stepping away from the truck, carrying the dreamcatcher. In the background we can see Chief Red Crow shouting at a man (the driver of the truck).

RED CROW: Trying to smuggle stolen material and selling it in our reservation? I can not let that slide.

RED CROW: And you think we want this New Age bullshit in our tribe to begin with?

Panel 5

Description: The same driver from the previous panel, talking with an important looking man (he's the chief of another tribe). He looks displeased, while the driver looks nervous as hell.

DRIVER: Red Crow confiscated everything...

CHIEF: Does he know? Did he find it?

DRIVER: No, I don't think so, Chief.

Next: What a wonderful web we weave.


  1. Great set up, Matt. You hint at some kind of mystical element, but do so in a way that doesn't seem out of place in Dash's world. It's a different direction, but keeps the tone of the book (as I know it) and the Vertigo stylings - i.e. a nekkid man. Actually, the idea that Dash is completely comfortable naked is perfectly in character.

  2. Very cool script, Matt. There's more going on here than we see at first, I dig that. Dash's role is so simple within it all but I like that he's at peace.

  3. Nice work, Matt. There's a lot packed into this page. Good use of symbolism on that dream catcher and an interesting hook at the end. Definitely makes me want to know what the story is there. Well done.

  4. Glad you guys liked it. Scalped is one of my favorite series, so I really wanted to pay tribute to it.

    As to what the secret cargo was, what the other Chief was hoping that Red Crow didn't find... Well, I'll just say it obviously has to do with the dreamcatcher. *evil laughter*


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