Friday, June 17, 2011

Dashiell Bad Horse - Family Matters - Grant McLaughlin

I will admit to having a hell of a time coming up with an appropriate script for Dashiell Bad Horse. Going through Scalped to get a better idea of who he was, I had the darndest time coming up with a worthwhile situation for Dash that Jason Aaron hadn't already examined in the course of the series. Based on the offerings from my fellow thoughtballooners, clearly they have not had the same difficulty, but I hope you'll enjoy this look into Dash's past nonetheless.

The scene takes place back in 1989, the day after Dashiell led the Red Raiders of Oglala Middle School to the state football championships, a game which Gina missed to be in Puget Sound to fight for the fishing rights of the Skokomish and Nisqually (see issue 5 for that brief mention). Dash and Gina are eating dinner.

6 panels spread evenly among 3 rows. All panels are the same size and set from the same angle.

1 – Dash and Gina sit across from each other at the dinner table. Gina looks towards her son hopefully. Dash sits with his hand supporting his head, scowling at the plate in front of him. He has been prodding the food with his fork, but the meal is untouched. There is a doorway centred in the background of the panel leading to other parts of the house. Above it, there is a clock visible. No dialogue.

2 – Same angle. Dash continues to scowl. Gina ventures some conversation.

GINA: Johnny's Mom said you played really well yesterday.

3 – Same angle. Dash's scowling continues, though he has stopped playing with his food. Gina waits, a pained look on her face, unsure if there will be a response. No dialogue.

4 – Same angle. Gina tries again, a bit less hopeful this time. Dash interrupts, slamming his fist onto the table in frustration.

GINA: I'm sorry I missed your big game, Dashiell--

DASHIELL (interrupting): That's bullshit! If you gave a damn, you woulda' been there! Instead you were off making sure a bunch of strangers could go fishing!

5 – Same angle. Dash gets up from the table and marches towards the doorway in the panel's background. Gina reaches towards him, but he already mostly out of the room.

GINA: Dashiell, that's not fair--

6 – A loud “SLAM!” emanates from Dash's room. Gina sits alone at the table, crying softly. No dialogue.



  1. That's a nice simple character page, Grant. Nothing wrong with that, you've obviously chosen it as one of the crucial moments that shapes Dash's relationship with his mother.

  2. Amazing page, Grant. It's the quiet moments in Scalped that always speak the loudest, and I think this fits right in with that.

  3. Man, you've done pretty well on this one. It feels simple but it's really not. Read any issue of any amazing book, there are quiet moments, there are pages that feel simple but give the heart of the matter. You do that here. Nice work.


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