Monday, June 20, 2011

Green Lantern - The Grip of Fear - Ben Rosenthal

DISCLAIMER: I would like to point out that I have never read a Green Lantern comic, and probably never will. My research for this article comes from CSN and Wikipeadia. However, the whole Parallax retcon did seem interesting to me - so here's a my take on it.

Hal’s caption box should have a different font to that of Parallax’s.

The following takes place just after the destruction of Coast city by Mogul. For months Hal has had a nagging voice in his head, and it has convinced him that he needs to return home. NOW!

1. Hal Jordan is flying through space, Earth visible in the distance. He is desperate to return to Earth.

HAL (Green Caption Box)

In brightest day, in blackest night,

PARALLAX (Yellow Caption Box)

Your city standing, shining bright,

2. A close up of Hal’s face. From the background we can tell he has entered Earth’s atmosphere. A tear has welled up in the corner of one of his eye’s. Hal knows that something is not right.

HAL (Green Caption Box)

No evil shall escape my sight.

PARALLAX (Yellow Caption Box)

Hurry now, get to the site.

3. A large landscaping panel showing Coast City in rubble. It is completely destroyed. We see the full body of Hal from behind, as he looks at his destroyed home.

HAL (Green Caption Box)

Let those who worship evil's might,

PARALLAX (Yellow Caption Box)

Why do you continue to fight?

4. A full body shot of Hal, floating in air. His fist is clenched, ring powering up. Hal is devastated and angry.

HAL (Green Caption Box)

Beware my power...

PARALLAX (Yellow Caption Box)

Behold my power...

5. A lose up of Hal’s face. It is clenched in rage. His eyes have a yellow tinge to them.

HAL (Yellow Caption Box, with a fading green colour to it)

Green Lantern’s...FRIGHT.


  1. See, two scripts I and now I don't know what I like and what I don't. I like this page, but have no real clue about the whole GL/Parralax thingymabob. I guess you can tell I haven't researched my page at all, no Wiki, nothing. Yet my page is still awesome, ha. You'll see, on Saturday.

    But back to Ben's page. This is cool, I like the subversion of the oath, and the final line works for me. Though surely Johns already used that line in Blackest Night, right? If not, major fail.

    Oh, and this script reminded me to rant about one of my favourite things to rant on, the word 'that'. It's completely superfluous. Seriously, take it out of most sentences and you'll see the sentence works without it. I excise it all the time.

    Ben, as a fellow non-GL man you've done me proud here. Good work faking your way through it. Now, what do other more GL knowledgeable people think?

  2. I'm very knowledgeable in GL continuity and I love this. Very well done.

    What you have to know going into this page is that Parallax in an entity that's been dormant inside Hal Jordan for a while. It represents fear, and was the reason that the GLs originally had a weakness to the color yellow (Parallax is yellow, yellow represents fear, all that 'Blackest Night' jazz).

    So this is the moment the Parallax finally takes Hal over. After this, he murdered almost the entirety of the GL corps, called himself "Parallax", got god-like powers and was responsible for one of the many "Crisis crossovers", Zero Hour.

  3. Having never read this moment in comics, I really like your take on it, Ben. A nice use of the Green Lantern oath, and definitely something I could imagine reading in the GL books.

  4. Very nice script, Ben. Especially considering you have never read a GL comic in your life.


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