Saturday, June 25, 2011

Green Lantern – I Am Hal's Seething Revenge – Ryan K Lindsay

1. Hal Jordan lies on a hospital bed. He has a smudge of yellow paint on his chin and a bandage around his neck.
Caption-Hal: I’m just a fool.
Caption-Hal: They think I don’t know that?

2. Hal’s chart sits at the end of the bed, the major aspect we take in is that he won’t speak again.
Caption-Hal: But a fool is happy.
Caption-Hal: He rolls in his ignorance like a fat boar in his own squalid filth.

3. Carol walks into the room, she wears a trench coat over a dress. She’s gorgeous.
Caption-Hal: They see me a fool happy with his eyes sown shut.
Caption-Hal: Ha. A smarter man would be frozen with thought.

4. Hal’s eyes furrow, he’s determined, he’s angry.
Caption-Hal: No thought’s going to slow me down.

5. Carol holds her hand open for Hal. In her palm is a red ring.
Caption-Hal: I’ll break the sky over their heads.
Caption-Hal: My silent anger will kill us all.

This is where I think Frank Miller will be taking the character after events in All Star Batman and Robin The Boy Wonder #9. It’s about the only way I could read Hal Jordan; as a mute fool out for revenge and blood.

Just imagine, a Frank Miller Red Lantern.


  1. I like the idea behind this, but I think you made Hal way too eloquent.

  2. If your reference for Hal is Frank Miller's Hal, no wonder you dislike Hal. :P

    Pretty cool. One thing I like about Hal is that he's not afraid to get his hands dirty to do what's right, this sets him apart from Superman, Flash and even Batman in a sense.

  3. I've not read the Frank Miller Batman, but if he kicks the crap out of Hal to this degree, I may give it a go.

    A question for you Lantern fan (why yes, I did leave it as a siungular not a plural), is this how Hal speaks? Or is it how he speaks in the DCmU?

  4. I like the idea an direction of this script, but I'm also a little off-put by how eloquent Hal is. I wouldn't imagine him to be this expressive in the regular GL books, let alone All-Star Batman & Robin, where he comes across as the ultimate idiot (at least in my opinion).

    However, I would like to see Hal come back with vengeance on his mind. Would make for a good read.

  5. @Ben - Nope, Hal's usually nowhere near that eloquent. He's normally demeaning his enemies and spouting bravado, but not like that.

  6. It's official. I am too smart to write Hal, huzzah! Ha.

    But seriously, I have never read the character, so didn't have any bead on his voice whatsoever. I make fun of him a lot but you guys make it sound like he actually is a 2 dimensional character (metaphorically speaking - because literally he is only a 2D character...).

    I liked Miller's take on Hal the absolute fool and so thought (MILD SPOILERS) what Robin does to him might change his outlook a little, or maybe his fool persona was a put on to fool others.

    Either way, I slathered this script with so much Miller faux noir in honour of ASBARTBW because I really dig that title.

    It seems I overshot the mark and people don't think Hal could ever sound this sesqi-syllabic. Good to know.

  7. I think in Miller world, the script would fit. None of the characters he wrote - especially in All Star - sounded like their true DC versions... Batman would never say "I'm the goddamn Batman". So, yeah, I thought this was cool.

    At risk of going all proofreadery on your ass again, Ryan, his eyes would be sewn shut, not sown.


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