Monday, June 20, 2011

Green Lantern - Imagination's Such An Aggravation - Maxy Barnard

The Premise: Another back-dated post of mine, because c'mon, I had to catch up one day.

Simple enough concept, Hal Jordan has no imagination. Because he is a boring fool with no personality to speak of. Nothing fancy, just a simple light-hearted joke to warm myself back up.


Hal Jordan is facing a titanic rock monster, looming over him as he stares up at it from the ground.

Hal: Okay...

Close-up on Hal as he rubs his chin, thinking intensely. A small amount of green energy is leaking out of his ring.

Hal: What can I come up with to fight a giant rock?

Hal flies up to the rock monster's face, projecting a pneumatic drill in front of him.

Hal: I know! A drill! They hit rocks!

Pneumatic Drill projection bounces off the rock monster as it continues to just stand there, unfazed.

Hal: Aw, nuts!

Hal is back to rubbing his chin, albeit curled up in a sort of foetal pose and sweating a lot.

Hal: Now what? A boxing glove? No, you can't box rocks... Water? No, I can't make that! STUPID! STUPID! ST--

The rock monster crushes Hal into the ground, killing him bloodily.

SFX: Splat.

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  1. Congratulations for carrying on the tradition of killing characters we don't like :)


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