Thursday, June 23, 2011

Green Lantern - Old School - Matt Duarte

Green Lantern in "Old School" by Matt Duarte

Panel 1

Description: Hal Jordan is standing in front Green Lantern outfit in front a group of kids inside a classroom. Behind him, there is a chalkboard with the words “Meet Your Heroes Week!”. In the front row there's a kid with his hand raised.

HAL JORDAN: And so, I made a giant fist with my ring and knocked out the villain!

KID: Mr. Lantern, how did you first get the idea to make a giant hand?


Panel 2

Description: Hal Jordan is being punched in the face by Kilowog. Emphasis on Kilowog's big hand as it connects with Hal's face, which has a black eye.


Panel 3

Description: Hal Jordan is being punched in the gut by Mongul. Again, Mongul's hand looks huge compared to Hal's body. Copious amount of blood are dripping out of his nose and mouth.


Panel 4

Description: Hal Jordan is receiving an upper-cut to the chest by Batman, who is wearing some kind of big electronic gloves (think Dark Knight Returns, sort of thing). Hal looks in pain while there is a smirk in Bruce's face.


Panel 5

Description: Back to the classroom. Hal Jordan is now smiling confidently, while forming a giant hand that is tapping the head of the kid that asked the question earlier.

HAL JORDAN: Imagination, kid.

HAL JORDAN: Lots and lots of imagination.

The End.


  1. And the twist on this "beat up on Hal" script is that it's beating up on Hal with a purpose. Heh, heh. :-P

  2. For some reason, any time someone writes dialogue ending a sentence in "kid", I hear Harrison Ford saying it, and a Harrison Ford Green Lantern is a crazy thought. How's that for a critique? :P

  3. I like the montage of this page but you make it work with a very simple and effective set up and the pay off is just as simple and effective.

    I like the content but more importantly I like the structure.

    Hell, I even kind of like Hal a little but in this page.

  4. Yeah, what the other said. My only quibble would be with smirking Bruce. I don't mind a smiling Batman (especially as drawn by Alan Davis), I just don't really equate that with the big-gloved Miller Dark Knight.

  5. Love it. A fantastic premise executed wonderfully. I think for me, the best part is the kid wondering where someone could have possibly gotten the idea to make a hand - but bigger! "Lots and lots of imagination" is pretty much the best possible answer to that question.


  6. @Danial: That makes perfect sense. Hal Jordan made the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs.

    @Rol: The way I thought of it was this, Bruce was trying out some new toys (the big gloves) and needed help from someone. He probably goaded Hal into helping him ("You are not scared, are you?") and got to punch him around for a while. I think that would make him smirk at least.

  7. Nice script Matt, and now I really want to see Hal throw down with Bats. Batman has to crush him though.

    I really enjoyed you painting Hal as an unimaginative hero. Considering the limitless potential of the will-powered ring, it makes a great jux position to have a hero not being able to harness it due to lack of creativity.

  8. In the GL comics, it's been established that each Lantern uses the ring in the manner that most suits his personality. Kyle's an artist, so his constructs are creative and look nice. John's an architect, so his constructs "make sense" and actually work in a physics context. Guy's ring is always flickering, a reflex of his brash personality, and he makes a lot of weapons and things that hurt. Hal's the "no-nonsense" guy, he sticks with what works.


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