Sunday, June 19, 2011

Green Lantern – The ReStart of Something New - MK Stangeland Jr.

Page 19

(5 Panels)

Panel 1: HAL JORDAN and CAROL FERRIS are sitting on top of a high plateau out in the middle of the desert in the western United States. While each has their power ring, both are dressed in civilian attire.

HAL JORDAN: So why not start right now?

Panel 2: HAL stands up and forms a car with his ring. It floats mid-air next to the plateau. It’s a convertible, a real classic model of some kind.

CAROL: Hal...

HAL: You said yourself you feel like our relationship needs a jump-start. A reboot. So why not start now?

Panel 3: HAL opens up the passenger door of the car for CAROL.

HAL: For the first time in what feels like forever, we have some genuine free time. There’s no crisis threatening to destroy reality, Earth is relatively safe, and we’re free have some time to ourselves.

Panel 4: CAROL stands up as she considers HAL’s offer.

HAL: So what do you say, Carol? Would you like to go for a drive?

Panel 5: HAL forms a pair of sunglasses which he puts on his face.

HAL: We’ve got the whole universe as our highway.



  1. I really like this. It's a really cute, yet still entirely suitable, look at Hal and Carol's relationship. Hal is excited and cavalier about the whole thing, while Carol remains more cautious and uncertain. I think it's a great page that could lead to a great story that could go either way (vis a vis the success or failure of Hal and Carol's romantic relationship).

    Hal's mostly irresponsible use of his constructs is also quite enjoyable.

  2. So Hal puts on some green shades but doesn't deliver a Caruso line broken up by that moment. You dropped the ball on that one, mate, ha. Kidding.

    I kind of like this page, sweet, nice, and while that last line has seven types of cheese on it I think that works towards the character...I think.

    I'd love to write the next page to this one and do some Carol domination. Ha.

  3. haha You should totally have broken up that last line with some gratuitous Caruso shades drama :)

  4. Pretty nice. The GL book should have more moments like that. I'm all for 'cosmic' GL adventures, but it's like Hal's real life as Earth doesn't exist anymore. By now he's gotta have lost his job, his apartment, etc.

    Also, sorry to go on a tangent here, but this is something I've always wondered: do GLs get paid? I mean, we know from stories in Oa that they get lodging and meals, but shouldn't these guys get paid? The vast majority of them seem to be full time Lanterns (even the Earth GLs at this point), isn't working for just shelter and food the definition of slave labour? :P

  5. @ Ivan: You raise a good point, one that's crossed my mind more than once since the movie started picking up steam.

    If I had to guess in regards to the comics, my best answer would be that someone who knows who the human Green Lanterns are and is rich (Batman, perhaps?) covers the cost of their rent or whatever via the Justice League so that they have a place to come home to and a means of getting food when they visit home.

    But really, it's probably better not to think about it too much, since it falls into the same category of "When does Bruce Wayne find time to sleep?" or "How does Peter Parker find time to have a social life and a non-hero job now that he's on as many different teams as Wolverine?"

  6. Bruce Wayne is established to sleep 2~3 hours a day. That seems inhuman, but the great Jim Steranko SWEARS that he only need 2h of sleep, and who are we to doubt the legend? But then again, he probably isn't jumping from rooftops and roughing up crooks at night. :P

    As to you second question, easy: money-grubbing. :)

    But I get what you mean, some things we just have to take for granted in superhero books.


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