Thursday, June 30, 2011

J. Jonah Jameson - Don't Mess With The Classics - Matt Duarte

J. Jonah Jameson in “Don't Mess With The Classics” by Matt Duarte

Note from the author: This page takes place in the not-so-distant past. Hopefully the page itself will give you an idea of when it takes place.

Panel 1

Description: J. Jonah Jameson is sitting on his desk, where we can clearly see a little metal plaque saying “Mayor of New York City”. There is all kinds of clutter on the desk, papers needed to be signed, a telephone, etc. His assistant is walking in through the door (note from the author: does he have a named assistant as Mayor? I don't really know.) carrying a group of newspaper.

ASSISTANT: Mayor Jameson, here's your daily dose of the fourth estate.

JAMESON: Yeah, yeah, just leave it on the pile. I have a budget to balance, New Yorkers to appease, and a certain wall-crawler to finally put behind bars.

ASSISTANT: As you please, hizzoner.

Panel 2

Description: Same as before, except the assistant is leaving the door, with the newspapers sitting on a big pile next to the desk. Jameson is concentrating on his work.

Panel 3

Description: Same as before, but this time Jameson has gotten up and is looking at the cover of one of the newspapers on the pile. He is laughing to himself.

JAMESON: Well, Bennett, I'll give you this...

Panel 4

Description: A close up from above Jameson's head, where we can see the newspaper he is holding. It is the The DB, and it is bearing a big photo of Jameson himself. The headline: MAYOR JAMESON: THREAT OR MENACE?

JAMESON: You know a good headline when you see it, you thieving jackass.

The End.


  1. Man, just tight and awesome. This reads, on so many levels, as BKV doing JJJ as Ex Machina. And you know I love all of that right there.

  2. Good stuff, I like the fact that JJ laughs at Bennett's cheek rather than just blowing his top. There's a grudging respect there.

    JJ hired his ex-Bugle assistant Glory Grant to be his PA at the Mayor's office.

  3. @Ryan: Well, my writing must be really transparent because that was exactly the vibe I was going for. I think it was the "hizzoner" that gave it away... But thanks for comparing ANYTHING I write to BKV. That's a high honor right there.

    @Rol: See, I didn't know that he had hired Grant. The More You Know!

  4. That last panel is fantastic. Good reappropriation of the headline. Talk about classics...

  5. Matt - Great, simple script. I loved it. A very well done!


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