Tuesday, June 28, 2011

J. Jonah Jameson – Man Of The People – Ryan K Lindsay

1. This page is kind of like an 80% splash page of high school kids sitting in a classroom, we are at an angle so as the panels break this single image up we go down the room and look at different students. JJJ’s speech will connect across them all. The first panel, the top left of the page, shows a jock up the back of the class with his feet up.
JJJ: You’re problem is you just don’t care.
JJJ: Yes, not caring is a problem, you slackers.

2. There is a girl doing her best to act like she’s not trying to see if the jock is looking at her.
JJJ: You put your brains in your pants and wonder why you have diseased thoughts.

3. Two druggies sit together giggling – maybe at JJJ, maybe at their nails.
JJJ: You think a patchwork of grass and LSD is going to expand your horizons when all it does is limit your possibilities.
JJJ: I’ve never eaten in a Soup Kitchen, myself, and I doubt having the honour of soiling myself while there three nights in a row is a truly enlightening experience.

4. A loser sits staring at the front of the class with a finger launched up his nose like he’s got an itch on his medulla oblongata.
JJJ: You couldn’t find your backsides if your fingers were noses.
JJJ: That’s why you have to vote for me.

5. The splash ends and we see what the students have been staring at, it’s a 17 year old JJJ running for Class President. He’s missing the ‘stache but he’s got the same hair and a short sleeve shirt with a thin black tie. On the board behind him we see ‘Class President Speeches’.
JJJ: All the way with JJJ.
Uncredited Class Clown: WHATEVER!


  1. The pay-off in that last panel was genius! I particularly like the idea that JJJ has had the same haircut since school :)

  2. I like the payoff, Ryan. A really fun script with a nice curve right at the end. Well done on Jonah's voice here, too.

    I must ask, is that last line a Degrassi Junior High reference? Am I reading into something that isn't there?

  3. Huh. Can't say I would have expected JJJ to play politics in high school. Would have taken him as more of the school newspaper type. :-P

  4. So first I'm thinking it's JJJ as Ed Rooney... but no, it's Jonah as Ferris - genius, Ryan. The dialogue felt a little un-JJ in places, but I'll forgive you that because at 17 his speech patterns would be different. Of course, were you to do this page for real you'd have difficulties because of the fashions / haircuts etc. - not giving away the era before the punchline.

    Personal pernickety proofreading bugbear - Jonah's first line, "Your problem" not "You're problem".

  5. Thanks for the feedback, guys. The final line isn't in reference to anything, sadly, it just made me laugh in such a simple and true way.

    Rol - I will definitely play the 'he was younger then and so doesn't sound like you know him now' card. Thanks :)

    I figure JJJ doesn't win the election and turns to the paper afterwards, thus a menace is born.

  6. Clever twist. I liked it.

    And I saw that "you're problem" in the first line and I figured that Rol was going to have an aneurysm.

  7. Great punchline man. I like the idea of a young Jonah sans moustache chewing out his fellow classmates, all the while expecting to win them over.

    As for the grammatical error - one of us(me), one of us(me)!


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