Sunday, June 26, 2011

J. Jonah Jameson - Meet The New Boss - Rol Hirst

Panel One.

A corridor in the White House. J. Jonah Jameson sits waiting to be seen by the President. He sits stiffly in his chair, hands folded on his lap, scowling at the world. A white house aide speaks to him from off-panel.

Aide (O/P): Mayor Jameson? Commander Rogers will see you now.

Panel Two.

JJJ gets out of his chair and starts barking at the aide. He’s already pissed off at how long he’s been made to wait… and now he isn’t even getting to meet the president!? The aide shrinks away from Jameson’s outburst.

JJJ: Rogers!? I thought I was supposed to be seeing the President! I didn’t come all this way to see Steve Rogers – on a Monday! I have a city to run, I can’t be—

Steve Rogers (O/P): Jonah…

Panel Three.

Steve Rogers stands in the corridor before Jameson and holds out his hand. Jonah reluctantly shakes it. Steve is smiling, patiently, it’s not the first time he’s faced up to one of JJJ’s explosive rants. Steve is in his Super Soldier outfit. (Yes, continuity freaks, this story takes place before he puts the big A back on.)

Steve: Good to see you again. Thank you for coming.

JJJ: Harrumph!

Steve: The President apologises that he’s been called away, but he’s put me in charge of the briefing.

Panel Four.

Steve leads Jonah through into a large state room. At the far end of the room is a large desk. A figure sits in the desk, facing away from Jonah and Steve, looking out across the White House gardens.

Steve: As you’re aware, in recent months New York City has become the target of increased activity by so-called Science Terrorists such as A.I.M., the Zodiac Cartel and the Intelligencia—

JJJ: You don’t need to tell me – it’s my town! I’ve been petitioning the President to set up a task force and put someone big on this – Reed Richards or Tony Stark or—

Steve: Yes, Reed and Tony will be involved, but they’re both busy men. You’ll be pleased to know we’ve selected another leading New York scientist, from Horizon Labs, to run the operation on a day-to-day basis…

Panel Five.

Now we’re looking at the scene from the opposite side of the room, from behind the desk. The figure at the desk has turned his chair away from us so we still can’t see who it is, now they’re facing Steve and Jonah. Steve is gesturing to the figure in the chair. Jonah’s jaw has dropped to the floor.

Steve: I trust you’ll give him every assistance…

Panel Six.

Who’s in the chair? Go on, you guessed it. It’s only Peter Parker – wearing a snazzy suit too! He’s grinning a big toothy grin at Jonah.

Jonah: Parker!?!

Peter: Jameson… you’re hired!


  1. Great choice, Rol, and a great script, to boot!

    I feel like you've really captured Jonah's voice here, which is wonderful, because he's so much fun to read. The situation is also a really fun one to go through. The Parker reveal and the inversion of the "You're fired!" line are really good.

    Knocked it right out of the park.

  2. Not a bad page, Rol. You certainly get JJJ's voice. My only complaint is how light this page is. It's got a good rant at the start but otherwise it feels a little thin. Maybe it's just because I didn't know what you'd do with the character but this one was held back one star by being a little easy.

    I do like that last line, though.

  3. Haha, loved it. I can see the next panel: Jonah, with his now tomato-red face screaming PAAAARKEEER! :)

  4. Awesome Rol. I too would have liked to have seen more of a JJJ rant, but the tone is spot on without it.

  5. Jeez, Ryan - either I'm cramming too much onto a page or my scripts are too light... I just can't win with you! ;-)

  6. Rol - yeah, I'm a dick like that sometimes, ha. One day you'll score a win with me :)


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