Thursday, June 9, 2011

X-Men First Class - Change The World - Matt Duarte

X-Men: First Class in “Change The World” by Matt Duarte

Panel 1

Description: Magneto's face is seen through a old grainy black and white television feed. There is a certain calmness in his demeanour that we can see through his helmet.

MAGNETO: Mutants are here to change the world.

MAGNETO: But do not be mistaken...

Panel 2

Description: Still as seen through a TV. Magneto has now stepped back a bit. He is showing his hand, where there is a bullet flying above it. Behind him, we can see a huge crowd of people watching in awe.

MAGNETO: A single madman with a bullet can change the world.

MAGNETO: A high powered rifle, a proper hiding place, and a well-timed shot is all they would need.

Panel 3

Description: Still as seen through a TV. Magneto is floating in mid air, still carrying the bullet. We can also see floating next to him a long sniper rifle, and a man trapped in some kind of metal structure.

MAGNETO: Remember, we are your superiors. The next step of evolution. And we will not fall down to your level unless absolutely necessary.

MAGNETO: We will not be trapped by the chains humanity forged while we were still in the womb.

Panel 4

Description: Still seen through a TV. Full reveal panel, as Magneto is now seen floating above a presidential cavalcade, where we can see JFK looking incredulously at the scene above him. The whole crowd in the scene looks speechlessly at Magneto who is holding a fist out looking directly at the camera.

MAGNETO: But we won't be afraid to use those same chains to bind you if need be.

MAGNETO: Soon, we will come out of the shadows. Soon, there will be mutant communities, cities and countries. Soon we will rule over all of you. Soon, evolution will take its course.

MAGNETO: Do not fight it.

Panel 5

Description: A close up shot of Magneto's face, though the eyes are obscured and we can only see a grin behind the helmet.

MAGNETO: And remember, Mr. President...

MAGNETO: What I have given, I can easily take away.

The End.


  1. I really like it, Matt. The script has a nice, slow burning feel. You tell a whole story at a nice, steady pace, and it's really well constructed. The dual images of Magneto's words and the bullet / gunman are super effective, adding a lot to each other. The ending is especially strong.

  2. That's a really nice angle on the inevitable JFK / Magneto mix-up, Matt, and with a great visual reveal. The dialogue was a little heavy in places, even for Magneto, I felt - the chains metaphor weighed down the script and I'm sure there was a better adjective than "proper" to describe LHO's hiding place. Minor quibbles aside, I really enjoyed the idea.


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