Friday, June 10, 2011

X-Men: First Class - Distractions - Danial Carroll

Close up on Beast. He is in a laboratory, looking directly at us in strong concentration.

Same shot as the last, except that we can see Cyclops entering through a door in the background.


BEAST: Just a moment, I'm at a crucial point.

Beast has turned to face Cyclops, who is a little closer now.

BEAST: Now, Scott, what can I do for you?

CYCLOPS: NASA called. They want to know how the designs are coming along.

BEAST: Ah, yes, Apollo 11.

BEAST: They're coming along just fine. Should be ready within--

Beast has spun back towards us with haste.

BEAST: It's back!

CYCLOPS: I don't understand what you see in it.

From behind Beast, we now see that he is sitting before a 60's-styled TV set. On its screen can be seen the original USS Enterprise.

CYCLOPS (OP): That show will never take off.

BEAST: Shhh.


  1. Nice, fun, change of pace from all the Lets Kill JFK angst, Danial, this was a good character piece and very much of its era. Although I'm not sure NASA would trust a mutant - even a mutant genius - to build their rockets for them.

  2. Beast would be a fan of Star Trek, wouldn't he? :-P

  3. @Rol: Maybe not, but I felt I needed another period-specific reference and I've always remembered that the Moon landing was '69, because it was 10 years before I was born :)

    @MK: He is pretty nerdy, so more than likely :P

  4. The case could be made that if we're in an era where the X-Men aren't public yet and mutants are an 'under the radar' thing, perhaps NASA doesn't know that there's a mutant building their rockets for them. As far as they're aware, it's just the work of Hank McCoy, a young genius and an essential part of the US effort to beat the Commies in the space race.

  5. Hilarious! I love the twist at the end - of course Hank would be a Star Trek fan. The "That show will never take off" / "Shhh" end is solid gold. Also does a fine job of showing how much smarter Hank is than Scott. :P

    Love the script. Two thumbs way up.

  6. Very tight stuff here, Danial. You manage to sneak two quality 60s references into this and also drop some quality character for Beast. And you do it so effortlessly. Golden.


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