Saturday, June 11, 2011

X-Men First Class - Focus - Grant McLaughlin

Full disclosure: I have not seen X-Men First Class.  Therefore, this script is focused more on the X-Men's early comic book days.  I hope you enjoy nonetheless.

Three rows of panels, all the same size. Row 1 consists of panels 1 and 2, row 2 consists of panel 3, and row 3 consists of panels 4 and 5.

1 – Hank sits at his desk in his dorm room, writing in his journal. The captions should look like they're handwritten, to reflect Hank's journaling pursuits.

HANK (caption): At the end of our first week at Professor Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, I am filled with excitement. Everyone seems completely focused on the lofty task ahead.

2 – This panel is the continuation of the scene depicted in panel 1, simply divided by the gutter. There is a large window in the dorm room, which takes up most of the panel. Outside, Bobby is flying by, riding his ice slide. The trail behind him corkscrews fantastically and Bobby is upside down.

BOBBY: WOOHOO! This is the best!

3 – Back to Hank at his desk, but from a different angle. The window is still visible, but the focus is on Warren, who looks disgruntled and unhappy as he approaches Hank. Hank looks up from his journal. Bobby is still visible through the window, continuing to show off.

WARREN (1): Henry, have you seen Professor Xavier? My living arrangements are completely unacceptable. There's no private washroom. The room is too small. And I have to share it!

WARREN (quieter) (2): With that Bobby nitwit, no less...

BOBBY (quietly, due to his distance): Seriously, you guys, check out all the cool stuff I'm doing!

4 – Like panels 1 and 2, panels 4 and 5 are one image divided by the gutter. The angle now shows the other half of the room. Warren has stormed out through the doorway, grumbling. Scott and Jean are just inside the doorway, standing awkwardly and looking towards each other. They are both smiling shyly and blushing profusely.

JEAN: So...

SCOTT: Yeah...

5 – The continuation of the scene shown in panel 4. Like the first panel, Hank is at his desk, now looking towards the couple and departing Warren. The last sentence of the caption from panel 1 is rewritten, but it is now struckthrough. The second caption appears below it as a replacement. At the bottom of the panel, the third caption appears as an addendum.

HANK (caption) (1): Everyone seems entirely focused on the lofty task ahead.

HANK (caption) (2): Everyone seems nice.

HANK (caption) (3): In their own way.


  1. Man, I really dig this page. But I'm always a sucker for dividing one image into two panels so the gutter gives you time to think.

    Bobby does his best to steal the page, and that loop-de-loop is awesome, but I like Hank's final lines. That's just sweet!

  2. Yeah, I dig the layout too. The geek in me wants to complain that, continuity-wise, I think it's been well established that the original X-Men didn't all arrive at the Prof's mansion together, in such a short space of time, but the non-geek is happy to set that aside because the concept is so well executed.

    Personally, I'd have gone with "nitwit Bobby" rather than "Bobby nitwit" but that's a personal stylistic choice.


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