Friday, June 10, 2011

X-Men: First Class – The Invincible Mutant Havok - MK Stangeland Jr.

(5 Panels)

Panel 1: HAVOK and BEAST are in the X-Mansion Firing Range. HAVOK is wearing his “power focuser” on his chest. On one arm, he’s wearing a piece of equipment that leads to a miniaturized “power focuser” in the palm of his hand. BEAST is currently helping him put a similar device on his other arm.

HAVOK: I don’t need to know how they work, I just need to know what they do.

BEAST (1): …

BEAST (2): Fine. They’ll allow you to focus your energy through your hands instead of off your chest. You should have an easier time aiming, and it’ll give you the option to not shoot your targets at full power.

Panel 2: HAVOK has a wide simile on his face. It’s less at the idea of what he should be able to do now and more at the idea of what else he might be able to with his power.

HAVOK (1): Cool.

HAVOK (2): Beast, you think if you could build a version for my feet, I could pull off flight?

Panel 3: BEAST has nearly finished putting the device on HAVOK’s arm, but pauses as he hears HAVOK’s idea. He’s perplexed by it, but not in a positive way.

BEAST: Flight?

HAVOK: Yah, flight. Push myself through the air.

BEAST: I don’t think your power works like that.

Panel 4: BEAST finishes with the device.

HAVOK: No harm in trying though, right?

BEAST (1): Assuming your idea works, and ignoring the likely collateral damage that could very well result from trying, I expect trying to control yourself in the air would be quite difficult.

BEAST (2): I imagine you’d be as likely to flip upside down and crash into something behind you as you would be to fly in a straight line.

Panel 5: HAVOK looks at BEAST.

HAVOK: Point made and taken.



  1. Turning Havok into Iron Man? His chest-blaster does seem remarkably similar. I guess that's why he didn't get to use it much in the film... much like all the other kids' powers...

  2. I presume this is set in movie world as opposed to comic world, MK? It seems to fit with the characters and their voices as shown in the film. I think I'd have liked the title more if you'd gone with The Invincible Havok Man.

  3. @ Matt: Can't say I've ever heard of "Flyclops", so no. It's far more more an homage to the Iron Man movies, especially with panel 4 and Beast saying what would be the likely outcome of Havok trying to turn his power into a means of flight.

    @ Rol: "Invincible Havok Man" - I wish I'd thought of that one. Closest I came was "Invincible Iron Havok", and that didn't seem as good a fit.

  4. @MK: Flyclops is an internet meme. Basically, since Cyclops powers are based on kinetic energy, that means they push stuff. People then started joking around that if he were to build a harness, he could fly based on his own power. Google search it, and you will see all kinds of fan drawings of it.

  5. Again, haven't seen the movie, but the dialogue is crisp and snappy. The idea of Beast talking Havok out of trying to fly is an amusing one, and you pull it off without difficulty here. Good stuff.


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