Tuesday, June 7, 2011

X-Men First Class - The Magnetic Bullet Theory - Rol Hirst

Panel One.

A New Orleans courtroom in the late 1960s. Sunlight drifts through high windows, catching dust motes in the still, warm air. A jury of aged white men sit listening to Mr. Dymond, a slick attorney (male, late 50s, white), argue his side of the case before a wizened old judge. The District Attorney (Jim Garrison – 50s, horn-rimmed glasses, Kevin Costner before he became too pompous) sits at a table opposite Dymond’s, taking it all in.

Dymond: Mr. Garrison makes a compelling argument.

Panel Two.

Close on Dymond, giving a typically lawyerly performance.

Dymond: The shots that killed President Kennedy could not, he assures us, all have been fired from the Sixth Floor of the Texas Book Depository.

Dymond: The third shot in particular - Mr. Garrison’s so called “Magic Bullet” - is especially problematic.

Panel Three.

Focus on the jury now, listening intently, with Dymond silhouetted in the foreground.

Dymond: If we are to accept the Warren Commission’s report, Mr. Garrison argues, this “Magic Bullet” passed not only through the President’s neck, but also caused the wounds to Governor Connally’s chest, wrist and thigh.

Dymond: But it was not magic which propelled this third bullet... no, sirs, it was something far more insidious… and, ultimately, far more dangerous to the American way of life than any “lone gunman”.

Panel Four.

Dymond stands holding a photograph of Magneto, wearing his helmet and full costume.

Dymond: I’m here today to tell you that the true assassin of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was, in fact, this man…

Dymond: Erik Lehnsherr…

Panel Five.

Close on the jury… except they’re not entirely what they seem. Seated among them now, rather than the aged white men we’ve seen earlier, are Professor Charles Xavier, Scott Summers, Jean Grey, Hank McCoy, Bobby Drake and Warren Worthington III (wearing 60s fashion, not their X-uniforms). They’ve previously been disguised by Professor X’s mental powers – only we, the readers, can now see them as they truly are. (Some art effect should show that we’re seeing through their disguises.) The X-Men are bristling in their seats… Professor X is trying to keep them calm, to prevent them from giving the game away.

In the foreground, probably still in silhouette, Dymond is waiting for their response.

Dymond: Gentlemen of the jury, the mutant menace is real.

Dymond: Now... what do we intend to do about it?

Professor X (thought balloon): Be still, my X-Men…


  1. I'm so glad right now I choose not to try to write something involving the Kennedy Assassination right now, especially since there's now been both a PaH and Tenured script covering it.

  2. Well, as I said to Dan, it was the obvious choice, especially as the JFK assasination takes place so soon after the Cuban Missile Crisis. I couldn't resist this though as Oliver Stone's JFK is one of my favourite movies.

  3. It may be an obvious choice, but you give it a great spin, Rol. The hidden presence of the X-Men adds a whole new layer to this line of events. I'm dying to know what their angle is. Are they there to ensure Magneto sees justice? Or to protect mutant interests, big picture style? Good stuff!

  4. Or could Magneto be getting framed?

  5. Oh, man. Had not even thought of that. Clear anti-Magneto bias over here, apparently.

  6. @Rol it's one of my favourite movies too, so I'm down with this script obviously.

    My other idea involved Magneto actually being present in Dallas that day and debating in his head whether to deflect the course of the bullet or let "history run its course instead".

    Nice script though and bringing the X-Men Universe firmly into real history. Loved the idea of the X-Men being present in the courtroom too.

  7. Great work once again Rol. I can see the panel of the X-Men as the jurors - the X-Men sitting on the benches, with the outline of the people who they are masqurading as a faint outline.

    Oh, and it came across to me as Magneto being set up. Something to spread fear about these new powerhouses.

  8. Not bad, Rol. Though Matthew Vaughan already said in an interview that he's use the idea of Magneto and JFK in the sequel. Sure he was being fascetious but he beat you to it.

    Doubt he'd do it as good as you though, mate.


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