Monday, June 6, 2011

X-Men First Class – X-Ops – Ben Rosenthal

All speech in this page, minus the last panel is seen through telepathy bubbles.

1. A dark silhouette of Angel against the full moon.


Section one clear. Begin infiltration.

2. A thick wall that as just had a hole punched through it. Ice surrounds the edges, showing that Iceman has iced up the wall to make it brittle, and then punched through it. Through the hole we can see silhouettes of Iceman, Marvel Girl and Beast.


Breach perimeter.

3. There are three guards in this panel. Two at the front of panel have their eyes rolled back into their heads, their limp bodies falling to the ground. Their heads have a telekinesis effect on them. A further away from the pack looks on in astonishment as gun floats just out of his reach, held aloft by the same telekinetic effect that surrounds the other two guard’s heads.


Subdue threats.

4. A corridor with lasers zig zagging across it. In the middle the silhouette of Beast is jumping effortlessly between them. A door is at the end of the corridor.


Disable security and proceed to objective.

5. This panel consists of red, apart from Beast being blown back to the left of the panel, and the metal door from the previous being blown off to the right of the panel.



6. Cyclops stands in the smouldering doorway.


Stand down, ‘Professor’.


  1. A strong, action-oriented opening with a good hook. Didn't exactly satisfy Ryan's "retro-60s" request, but that's the only flaw in an otherwise satisfying page.

  2. Anything espionage-related and I'm on board (I'm so easy, haha).

    Good job this is a nicely paced, action-filled page too! :)


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