Wednesday, June 8, 2011

X-Men First Class - Your Revolution Is A Joke - Maxy Barnard

Michael Fassbender is some sort of God on earth.

... What? Oh, yeah, the (back-dated and highly pretentious) script. The concept here is simple: it's set to a song (Funeral For A Friend's Your Revolution Is A Joke), one that I feel can represent a sort of nagging voice in the back of Magneto's head as he prepares to fight for his cause, a voice hinting that his methods, ultimately, will not work how he intends. A kind of portent for his future villainy.

Oh, and despite me just saying it's set to that song, it's not actually heavily involved in the strip itself, because this isn't Phonogram: The Singles Club issue 7, and as such probably can't pull such a thing off. Just that the idea is enhanced and inspired by said song.(oh and if you can't tell the song's a bit emo, the scene used here features RAIN! DUN DUN DUN!) ONWARDS!

(side-note: As for which sort of Magneto I went for here, I'd hazard that it's closer to the Magneto of the comics, a thoughtful and dramatic person who can spout out long claremontian speeches mid-fight. Because that works for the purposes of the tone I'm coming across with here)


Magneto(Fassbender era, age-wise) is standing in a slightly dishevelled building (in Genosha, perhaps?), looking out into a storm through his window, rain beating against it. He is fully helmeted and sporting a glum expression.

Caption(Magneto): What is it I stand for?

Close-up on Magneto's face as lightning flashes in front of him.

Caption(Magneto): I have to show humans that Mutants are superior, to protect us, to raise us to our rightful place.

Magneto leans against the window lightly, as Mystique walks towards him from the other side of the room.

Caption(Magneto): To do so will make me a villain in the eyes of others, however. If less mutants understand my cause then support it, then I am fighting for nothing.

Magneto waves Mystique away, as she reluctantly lifts an arm up to support him.

Caption(Magneto): So I will be a villain. To play the part to lead them to greater things. My revolution will be one led by others as they face me, and come to become like me.

Magneto straightens himself up as Mystique leaves the room.

Caption(Magneto): My purpose will not be denied, but in the event things do not go to plan, that will ensure that no matter what, it will all be okay.

Magneto turns, cape-billowing, as he too goes to leave the room.

Caption(narration): It will never be okay.

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