Friday, June 3, 2011

Zatanna - Career Woman - Danial Carroll

PAGE ELEVEN (three panels)

We begin with a close up of Zatanna's hat, sitting upside down upon a wooden bedroom dresser. The scene is illuminated by soft, yellow candlelight.

Close up of Zatanna, untying her hair. She looks not so much saddened, as tired--worn out.

Wide view of Zatanna sitting upon a stool at the dresser. Her hair is now out and she is placing the tie next to the hat. She is looking into a mirror whose base is lined with lit candles, though she is not looking at herself. Following her eyes, we can just make out that behind her, in the darkness of the room beyond, there lies a person asleep in her bed.

ZATANNA: ->sigh<-


  1. I really like this, Danial. Wordless pages can be challenging - especially for us here at thoughtballoons, where all we have are our words - but I like that you went for it anyways.

    I think the first two panels are super effective. They convey all the information you could possible want or need for this page.

    The third panel, equally evocative, leaves the intended meaning far more ambiguous. Who is in that bed? Is Zatanna sighing because of their identity or because it isn't her sleeping?

    I'm incredibly curious, which is great. My only complaint is that we the reader won't get to find out the meaning of the mysterious sleeping figure, which is perhaps going to drive me bonkers.

    Great page, though. :)

  2. Really great. While what's going on isn't totally clear, in context, this would be an incredible page. One question: Not sure if you though about this or just yanked a number out of a hat, but "Page Eleven"? This seems like it'd be best as an end-of-issue or even an end-of-storyline page. If you chose 11 for a reason, I'd love to hear it.

  3. Thanks, guys. I was worried that such simplicity would be lost here, but I guess I was wrong. As my Ms Marvel page showed, I like to think about what these characters lives are like "behind the scenes". I imagine that as a full-time superhero, missing time with your loved ones would be a big issue, so hence, this page...

    @Grant: I had never actually considered who the sleeping person may be. The who was not as important as the what in this case.

    @Aryeh: Eleven was just a random number. No deeper meaning. I think you're right though, it probably would have served better as a Page 22... or 20 in today's market ;)

  4. A simple and well constructed page.

    With no dialogue the panel description has to do all the work and you don't disappoint-- very effective (especially the last panel).

  5. As the others say, this is maddening in its ambiguity, Danial. It's a really simple opener, yet so intriguing you've got me hooked to want to know more. And THAT is what storytelling is all about.

  6. Simple and effective. Great work Danial. woman....person asleep ain the bed...are you alluding to Zatanna taking another 'profession'?


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