Thursday, June 2, 2011

Zatanna - Scream - Matt Duarte

Zatanna in “Scream” by Matt Duarte

Panel 1

Description: Zatanna (in street clothes) and her assistant Mikey are walking casually down the street.. They are talking shop.

MIKEY: So what do you want to do about the last two weeks in August? Rome sounds good, but a couple of places in Milan were also interested in having your show.

ZATANNA: I'm sure we can squeeze them both in. Italy is lovely that time of the year...

Panel 2

Description: Same as the previous shot, except that Zatanna has disappeared, and in her place there's only a wind current, signalling a downward and upward motion. Someone has grabbed Zatanna and took her up before she could realize it. Mikey has turned in surprise.

MIKEY: Ohh, two weeks of Italian food may be too much to han..

MIKEY: Where did she go?

Panel 3

Description: We see Zatanna being pulled up by a chain, upper into the atmosphere. We can see the city all the way at the bottom, very far away now. There is a clear sign of struggle on her face.

ZATANNA (CAPTION): Air... getting...thinner..

ZATANNA (CAPTION): Can't... even... speak...

Panel 4

Description: We can now see that the person pulling Zatanna is none other than the Main Man himself, Lobo. He is pulling her by driving his bike really fast and upward. Big grin and a cigar on his mouth.

LOBO: Sorry ´bout the disappearing act, toots, but I fig'red you'd be used to it.

Panel 5

Description: Lobo is landing somewhere on the moon. Behind him, Zatanna is suddenly wearing her work clothes and there is a big bubble around her head.

LOBO: Someone pay big credits to have ya taken out. And you know how the saying goes.

LOBO: In space, no one can hear you scream, haha.



Panel 6

Description: Lobo has been bound in strong chains. Zatanna stands in front of him, with a very stern look. The air bubble around her head is still there, allowing her to breathe.

ZATANNA: dnib oboL!

LOBO: Hey! What gives...

ZATANNA: Clearly you didn't do your research right, or else you would know that the power comes from me, not my incantations.

ZATANNA: Now tell me, who sent you to kill me?

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  1. Man, I *hate* Lobo, but I'll look past that bias and credit you for a fun script, Matt! Have Lobo and Zatanna interacted before? They seem to be two characters on opposing sides of the DC spectrum...

    Good set-up, I'd like to know who'd hire Lobo, of all people, to take out Zatanna. Is it established fact that she can use her power without speaking, or is that something new you've concocted? Never mind. I suppose Wikipedia will answer...

    But great stuff, mate!

  2. Poor Lobo. It was a sound plan :)

    Just gotta say, I have a problem with Panel 3. The ellipses signify pauses, right? But why would someone think with pauses? I feel it would work better without them. Either that, or make them dialogue, in which pauses do work.

  3. I love it when I get to see someone get the best of characters like Lobo. :-)

  4. Not a fan of Lobo either, but this is a cool concept putting together two characters who I'd never have thought of putting together.

    Solid and well executed.

  5. I'm also a pretty big Lobo detractor, but this page is fantastic! It's fun and exciting, just the way a Zatanna story could be. Well done.

  6. Once again, I was disappointed by the "street clothes", but the rest of the story made me smile big time. You write a good Lobo too, Matt.

  7. Good work Matt. I know who Lobo is, but no idea what he does or where he is from. I think you have given me an ample information in this page.

  8. Glad you guys liked it. I needed someone strong and fast enough to be able to pull this, but stupid enough to take on Zatanna. Lobo seemed like the perfect fit. I have no idea if they have ever interacted before.

    @Sime: If what I read is right, Zatanna's power comes from herself. The incantations just help focus her power, but in real desperate times, she is able to make do with them.

    Perhaps I should have explained better, but Lobo's plan was: sound doesn't travel in a vacuum, so her incantations won't work because of this. In reality, whether the sound waves traveled or not, Zatanna still concentrated on performing the magic, which is why she was able to escape. Like Danial said a sound plan, but he clearly did not know the level of her capabilities.

    @Danial: After being yanked in mid conversation, and pulled up into the stratosphere, I think anyone would have a little trouble stringing words together in their head. At least that was my take on it. Perhaps it would work better, visually, in small but separate captions one after the other.


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