Friday, June 3, 2011

Zatanna - Surprises - Grant McLaughlin

Two rows, each taking up about half of the page. Row one is made up of panels 1 through 4, which are all from the same fixed-angle. Panel 5 is alone on the bottom half of the page, making for a partial splash.

1 – Zatanna is at home, wearing civilian clothing and reclining on a couch in her living room. She is in the middle of a phone conversation, holding the phone with one hand and shuffling a deck of cards with the other. She is biting her lower lip, looking uncertain.

ZATANNA: I've performed to my fair share of hostile audiences, but even I have limits.

2 – Zatanna's expression changes to one of shock, surprised by the interrupting words of the person on the other end of the line. She stops shuffling the cards.

ZATANNA: I think you'll have to ask someone else, I can't imagine what you could say to change my mi--

3 – Zatanna bites her lip again, but this time it is not from uncertainty. She is flustered and blushing hot red, taken off-guard by the comments from the other end of the line. She has forgotten about the cards that were in her other hand, having dropped them to unconsciously reach towards her mouth to try to cover her embarrassment. No dialogue.

4 – Zatanna has moved out of her reclining position, now sitting up straight on her couch. Her flush is subsiding, but her cheeks still have traces of red. She cradles the phone in both hands and grins slyly.

ZATANNA (1): Well, that does change things. Your suggestive promises have convinced me.

ZATANNA (2) (quieter): Especially that last one.

5 – New scene. A table surrounded by superheroes in their civilian identities (a combination of Bat-family, Teen Titans, and others that Damian Wayne has worked with during his short career). At the centre of all the guests is Damian, wearing one of those ridiculous cone shaped birthday hats and an expression of extreme displeasure. Everyone is evidently there to celebrate his birthday, because each guest has a plate of cake in front of them and they are participating in clichéd birthday activities (some of them are blowing into noisemakers, others are breaking open party favours, and so forth). Zatanna stands before the table, wearing her regular costume. Damian and Zatanna are the main focus of this panel, though Bruce is also quite visible. Damian looks towards Zatanna, unimpressed. Zatanna is flustered once again, this time taken off-guard by Damian's prescient comments. Bruce grins semi-awkwardly and looks to the side, scratching the back of his head, playing at nonchalance.

DAMIAN: So you're the entertainment my father arranged for this unnecessary and ridiculous celebration.  What bawdy promises did he make to convince you to come?


  1. The image of Damian wearing THAT hat. Priceless.

    Nice build up, nice pay-off. Good stuff!

  2. What did Bruce promise her!?! :o

    Fun page. I liked it :)

  3. Good question, Damian.

    What bawdy promises did Bruce make to convince her to come? Inquiring minds want to know!

  4. You almost lost me with the opening line, Grant (isn't it law that she MUST wear the fishnets ALWAYS?) but I'm glad I stuck with it because this was the kind of fun I wish DC would do more of... hell, SOME of... these days!

  5. HA! Bruce as awkward Dad. Love it.

  6. Great idea! And yes, we all want to know what Bruce promised...

  7. Thanks for the positive feedback, everyone! I'm glad to see that this script went over well. Some of the earlier drafts weren't quite as clear, so I'm happy to see that it seem to have worked out.

    @Rol - I'm glad you decided to stick around for the rest of it. :P


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