Saturday, July 23, 2011

Atomic Robo – Atomic Robo and the Problem with Clones - MK Stangeland Jr.

(6 Panels)

Panel 1: ATOMIC ROBO is an industrial area, being held upside down by the leg. Holding him is ATOMIC DINO, an evil robot built by DR. DINOSAUR. It’s an 8-and-a-half-foot tall humanoid machine of war that has an Ankylosaurus tail, a Stegosaurus back, Raptor claws on its feet, folded up Pterodactyl wings attached to the shoulders, Triceratops horns, and a Tyrannosaurus head. The design of the metal and the construction of the robot has an aesthetic similar in nature to that of ATOMIC ROBO himself.

However, DINO doesn’t have nearly the intellectual capacity as ROBO, mostly needing to take its orders from DR. DINOSUAR, who is controlling it from a different location. A wireless speaker box in DINO’s mouth allows DR. DINOSAUR to verbally annoy ROBO despite not being there.

ATOMIC ROBO: Let me guess – It’s powered by crystals?

Panel 2: ATOMIC DINO drops ROBO and swings around so that it’s tail smacks ROBO as he drops to the ground, sending him flying into a small building.


SFX: (From tail.) TWONK!

SFX: (From wall.) CrunCH!

Panel 3: The building collapses and falls on top of ROBO as ATOMIC DINO slowly approaches him.

DR. DINOSAUR: Far superior to your inferior mammal robot energy power!

SFX: CreeeeRACH!

Panel 4: ATOMIC ROBO punches his fist up through the rubble as he begins to pull himself out of it.

SFX: crUNKcle

ATOMIC ROBO (1): Wonderful. Just what

ATOMIC ROBO (2): (Thought balloon.) Ow.

ATOMIC ROBO (3): I need.

ATOMIC ROBO (4): (Thought balloon.) Ow.

ATOMIC ROBO (5): A badly designed prehistoric bootleg wannabe

ATOMIC ROBO (6): (Thought balloon.) $#^^&%, I think I’ve got some rubble inside of me!

ATOMIC ROBO (7): version of me running around.

Panel 5: ATOMIC ROBO has mostly pulled himself out of the collapsed building. Robo is covered in rubble, and one of his eyes is half closed as it twitches.

SFX: twitch twitch

ATOMIC ROBO: Alright, Dr. Dumbosaur! Here’s how we’re going to do this!

Panel 6: Panel is from behind ATOMIC ROBO as he runs straight at ATOMIC DINO as fast as he can.

ATOMIC ROBO: First, I’m going to smash your stupid robot so hard it’ll make the laws of science cry uncle!



  1. Good stuff, MK. You have a great handle on Dr. Dinosaur's voice. His potential machinations, as well. I would be unsurprised to see him cook up such a ridiculous scheme within the pages of Atomic Robo.

    As for Robo's dialogue, it works for the most part, but I'm not quite sure what you were going for with the thought balloon section. Potentially having rubble inside of himself doesn't seem to do much for the page in my opinion. It's an unnecessary distraction that takes away from an enjoyable page.

  2. Really liked this page. I'm going to have to echo Grant and say that the page would have flowed better without the thought balloon.


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