Friday, July 22, 2011

Atomic Robo - Not What It Used To Be - Ryan K Lindsay

Page 20 - 6 Panels

1. Robo stands in a military court, he's furious about proceedings.
Robo: Objection, heresy.

2. The judge smashes his hammer down. Robo facepalms.
Judge Kleinfeld: You mean here say, and the court will allow it.

3. Here we see a YouTube clip of the proceedings at the CERN Collider. The panel should be framed like a YouTube clip, timer down the bottom, etc. The timer is at 2:44. We see a supervillain strapped with a bomb and holding scientists hostage.
Prosecution: Here we see an agent of E.N.T.R.O.P.Y. getting his cackle on at the Large Hadron Collider.
Agent (in the clip): Amongst other things, it would appear running an empire isn’t what it used to be.

4. Same YouTube clip but the timeline shows it's minutes later, 5:12. Robo is punching the goon down the Collider's circular corridor while also pushing a button that says 'Initiate Sequence.' Some of this setting will have been shown more earlier in the issue.
Prosecution: Undue force was used in quelling the threat endangering the lives of potentially billions of people.
Robo (in the clip): See you...round.

5. Robo stands up from his seat once more.
Robo: That's right, people, like Newton...

6. Robo holds his fist up proud, the crowd behind erupts in cheers.
Robo: I do it with force!
Judge Kleinfeld: Order, order!

As soon as it came to Atomic Robo I knew two things – I’d have a 6 panel page because this book is like the ultimate webcomic, it reads so well digitally and I wanted to stay true to that, and I also knew I wanted to sneak more than one layer in. The YouTube clip came first. Then I had the courtmartial idea. The Hadron Collider (and Caruso/glasses line) came right at the end.

This was an absolute blast to write.


  1. Is Judge Kleinfeld any relation to Judge Reinhold? :)

  2. *rimshot*

    I can't help but wonder, though, if Robo would consider at all whether throwing someone into the LHC might possibly result in something bad happening to the LHC. Unless he's already done the proper research and knows it's safe (for the LHC and humanity, at least)

  3. Danial - I'm assuming once my script gets optioned we'll attach Judge Reinhold pretty quickly to the role.

    @MK - I'm pretty sure AR punched him down the LHC to HELP the experiment. It's been having some issues lately and he thought he'd lend a hand.

  4. The 6 page grid gives the page a pretty good rhythm that matches the gags and dialogue (as well as the Youtube stuff).

    All in all this is a great page, which contains a nice mini three act structure within it.

    Good stuff!


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