Thursday, July 28, 2011

Captain America - Super Weapon - Matt Duarte

Captain America in “Super Weapon” by Matt Duarte

Note from the author: I know I kind of cheated with this week's script, as it is not so much about the character, than his importance to the world in where he lived, and more importantly his influence on the war effort. I hope you enjoy it.

Panel 1

Description: President Harry Truman sits in the Oval Office. He looks sombre and with the weight of the world on his shoulders. He has his hands crossed in front of his face, looking down. An advisor stands next to him.

CAPTION: April 21st, 1945

TRUMAN: Any word of Corporal Rogers?

ADVISOR: I'm afraid not, sir. All the units have combed the area to the best of their abilities, but found nothing.

Panel 2

Description: Truman has stood up, looking out the window. There is no sun coming through, only a drab grey and pale light.

TRUMAN: We have to assume he is dead.

TRUMAN: A shame, I would have liked to shake his hand.

Panel 3

Description: Truman has sat down again. His expression is even more dire now, if that's even possible. He is taking one of his hands to his forehead.

TRUMAN: The American people have lost their president AND their greatest war symbol.

TRUMAN: In the same month.

TRUMAN: Morale is clearly down. Our enemies will try to take advantage of this moment.

Panel 4

Description: Truman is now signing something on his desk with a pen.

TRUMAN: Call Project Manhattan. Tell them we lost one super weapon already, we will need the other one ready for use as soon as possible.

TRUMAN: And may posterity forgive us for our actions.

The End.


  1. I'm going to say that it fits perfectly within the parameters. The script has to be about a character. Nothing says that the character has to make an appearance.

    Great work Matt.

  2. Matt, it definitely fits the parameters. And, it's a pretty fine script. I like the concept and you sell it quickly and well.

    But maybe Truman should have called in Project Stanhattan!

  3. I thought that was excellent, Matt, and a moment that we've never seen before. Great idea, well executed... I'm not sure about "posterity" in the last line though. I think "And may history forgive us" might have been smoother.

  4. I'll agree with Rol on the "And may history forgive us" line, but the rest of the script is mighty solid. Great concept and excellent execution.

  5. Matt it takes a confident understanding of a character to write a piece that showcases exactly what that character represents without ever having them appear. You pulled this off with aplomb.

    Furthermore I loved how you captured the other side of war. You showed the side away from the battlefield, the places where the biggest decisions are being made. This side away from the battlefield and fighting is under explored in Cap stories in feel.

    Lastly and my only criticism of the pieces is the Advisors opening; ADVISOR: I'm afraid not, sir. All the units have combed the area to the best of their abilities, but found nothing.

    In my opinion shortening it to perhaps ADVISOR: I'm afraid not, sir. All the units have combed the area... but found nothing.

    Dropping just the 'to the best of their abilities' line makes the panel flow a little nicer. Also the beat before 'but found nothing' just adds highlight to the significants of Captain America which the rest of your pieces does so well.

  6. Good script that touches on the same idea I was going for with mine-- what Cap MEANS to others.

    The page was well executed (and in such a small panel count too) and the dialogue hit all the right beats.

    Good show!


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