Saturday, July 30, 2011

Captain America – The Terrible Terror of Mr. Trajectory! - MK Stangeland Jr.

(CAPTAIN AMERICA is currently fighting SIG. TRAIETTORIA (New character), who’s already knocked out BUCKY, making it a solid one-on-one fight. SIG TRAIETTORIA (which roughly translates from Italian to “Mr. Trajectory”) is meant to be a BATROC type character with a touch of BULLSEYE, and originally hailing from Italy.)

(6 Panels)

Panel 1: CAPTAIN AMERICA’s shield flies past SIG. TRAIETTORIA and bounces off a wall as he leaps out of the way.

SFX: Ding!

SIG. TRAIETTORIA: ma c'non è un uomo vivo…

Panel 2: SIG. TRAIETTORIA catches the shield and throws it back at CAPTAIN AMERICA as it moves behind where he was.

SIG. TRAIETTORIA: chi può outfight!

Panel 3: CAPTAIN AMERICA dodges his shield, causing it to fly behind him and bounce off a wall.

SFX: Donk!

Panel 4: CAPTAIN AMERICA catches his shield.

Panel 5: CAPTAIN AMERICA swing his shield around, causing SIG. TRAIETTORIA to hit it directly.

SFX: Thunk!


Panel 6: CAPTAIN AMERICA swings his shield so that it hits SIG. TRAIETTORIA in an uppercut.




  1. This was a fun page and a fun new character (a well thought out nemesis bearing in mind Cap's signature weapon / skill). I guess I'll have to wait for Matt to read it and translate / critique Mr. trajectory's dialogue.

  2. My Italian is pretty rusty, but I do believe that Mr. Trajectory is saying that there is no man alive can outfight him (only for Cap to prove him wrong).

    I would have liked to see a description of what this character looks like though. In it's place, I just thought of Batroc with a Italian-color costume instead.

  3. All action page, I like it. A much milder tone than the rest of us noir-infused introspective wanks, ha. I dig it.

    My main problem with with the staging of some of the action. I'm a little lost on exactly where the shield is at all times, and I'm not sure what's happening with it in Panel 5.

    I do, however, dig this new character. I imagine this page being really vividly coloured.

  4. "but I do believe that Mr. Trajectory is saying that there is no man alive can outfight him"

    Yeah, that sounds right. I used a free language translator I have on my Mac's dashboard, so I thought it was possible that what it actually would say might not match up, so nice to hear someone who can actually speak Italian confirm that it came across as intended.

  5. Now that is how you right an action page. I'm envious.

    To be honest, at first I didn't dig the unsubtitled speech, but now I am totally for it. I love the fact that it makes us associate ourselves with Cap, as (I'm assuming) he doesn't speak Italian that well either.


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