Monday, July 4, 2011

Invincible – Georgia Went Down To The Devil – Ryan K Lindsay

An entire town within Georgia has lost its entire population. All issue there have been hints in the town as to the presence of other supervillains meddling but Invincible and the team have yielded no clear answer. The last lead points towards the Devil’s hand in all this. Thus, the final choice is made at the end of the issue.
1. A splash page. Invincible stands with his team (there’s the chick, that cocky dude, the robot thing, that monster girl, and a monkey in a trenchcoat) in the middle of a suburban main street. There are press cameras setting up about 40 metres away. There is no one else around, the town looks a little derelict, like a ghost town.
Caption-Invincible: I don’t think the public will be surprised any when they see this.
Caption-Invincible: I am my father’s son, after all.
Invincible: Sorry, guys, time to die.

2. Small inset panel. Invincible clenches a fist.
Caption-Invincible: Here’s hoping this works.
Caption: Next Month – Why Will Invincible’s Team Need To Die To Survive? Find out in “Prelude To A Resurrection!”


  1. Intruiging concept Ryan, and I do think we need more splash-ish pages on here.

    Not sure what else I can say. I can visualise it, the task is made clear. Cool.

  2. That has exactly the right tone of over-the-top drama that appears necessary in every single issue of every single superhero comic these days, Ryan. There's a nice satirical subtext at work here, I especially liked the descriptions of the other characters and the "time to die" / "prelude to resurrection" juxtaposition.

  3. I really dig this page, Ryan. The set-up and questions involved with that really grab at the reader and beg for some answers. In two panels you've managed to give enough to make me want to buy the next issue. Impressive.


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