Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Invincible – No Explanation Necessary – Rol Hirst

This is a sequel to Marvel Team-Up #14, in which Spidey met Invincible for the first time. A lot has changed since that comic came out...

Panel One.

A dimensional portal tears in the sky and Invincible hurtles through – straight into a battle between Spider-Man and the new Sinister Six (Doc Ock, Sandman, Rhino, Electro, Mysterio and Chameleon) which is raging outside a nefarious warehouse in downtown Manhattan.

Invincible: Woahh – not again, Levy! Where the heck have you thrown me this—

Invincible: Hey, Spider-Man – am I back in your universe?

Panel Two.

Sandman is trying to smash Spidey with a huge fist. Spidey jumps out of the way and Sandman hits Electro instead. Spidey shouts over at Invincible who’s leaping to avoid a charging Rhino.

Spidey: Who? Oh, I remember you – Invulnerable, right? Long time no—

Invincible: Invincible, Peter – why do you always get my name wro—

Panel Three.

Spidey holds a finger to the lips of his mask while he leaps to grab Invincible and pull him out of the way of Doc Ock’s tentacles. Doc Ock is the new, skinny, disease-riddled version. Mysterio stands nearby, looking menacing.

Spidey: Hey, ixnay on the eter-pay, pal – that’s not what we call common knowledge anymore – especially round the likes of Doc Ock!

Spidey: (Guess our little forgetfulness spell didn’t stretch as far as Invincible World!)

Invincible: Wait - that’s Doctor Octopus? Wow, he sure took those diet tips seriously! Who’s his pal with the fishbowl? Mr. Carp?

Panel Four.

Spidey is balanced with one hand on top of Mysterio’s goldfish bowl head while Invincible aims a punch right at the bowl.

Spidey: This is Mysterio – say hi to Invincible’s fist, Mysterio.

Invincible: Ha, I love the crazy names you guys give each other in this dimension – so much cooler than on my world!

Mysterio: Ooof!

Invincible: How’s that hot wife of yours, by the way?

Panel Five.

Invincible punches out Invincible (it’s the Chameleon is disguise) while Spidey leaps out of the way of the Rhino who’s charging back in the opposite direction with a door stuck on his horn.

Spidey: Wife!? Think you might have me confused with some other dashing and witty arachno-hero, pal – this little spider’s never been married.

Invincible: No? What about the smoking redhead supermodel you introduced me to at Revengers Tower?

Spidey: Mary Jane!? We weren’t married! Came close a couple of times, but…

Invincible: Wow. That must have been some bitter break-up...

Panel Six.

Doc Ock’s had enough now. His tentacles smash down around Spidey and Invincible with huge force, cracking the ground and shaking up everybody and everything in the panel. Punched-out Invincible turns back to Chameleon as he falls down, knocked out. Spidey and Invincible leap to avoid the shockwaves from Doc Ock’s blows.

Doc Ock: Shut up shut up shut up! I haven’t long to live – all this exposition is making my ears bleed!

Spidey: Doc – that’s just the Kirkman Curse… deal!

Invincible: I don’t even notice it anymore…


  1. BRILLIANT. Absolutely brilliant. I laughed out loud. And that is not something I often do while reading. Once again yuou have shown why you are at the top of the writing pile, Rol. Curse you and your talent.

  2. Can't say I laughed, but I did really enjoy this page. Great work!

  3. That's some pretty funny banter. You've played them off well against each other, Rol. Great instincts.

  4. This page is overflowing with fun. Really well done on playing Invincible and Spider-Man off of each other. The sheer amount of sly continuity winks and hilarious lines you fit into this script is criminal. The blatant fourth wall breaking towards the end is some wonderful icing on this cake.


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