Friday, July 8, 2011

Invincible - Parody? - Danial Carroll

[I apologize for this lacklustre page, but I'm on vacation at the moment and just whipped it up quickly in between all the fun... plusidontlikethecharacter :P]

Close on Mark, out of costume and shouting I'm anger.

MARK: Are you KIDDING me!?!

From Mark's POV, we see a man in a tailored suit. He looks apologetic, but also resigned. This is Mark's attorney.

ATTORNEY: I'm sorry, but the court ruled in their favor.

ATTORNEY: It was changed JUST enough to avoid infringement.

Close on Mark again, even angrier this time.

MARK: That's BULL$#!?. I want an appeal!

MARK: I don't CARE if they changed the costume and added a few extra powers--

Mark has slammed a comicbook onto the table, the title of which reads, "Superman".

MARK: --That's still ME, dammit!!


  1. I've always found the relationship between comics and copyright to be fascinating, especially some of the earlier cases like the ones you gesture to here. The dialogue is perhaps a little over the top for Mark Grayson, but that doesn't change the fact that it's a fun, lighthearted piece.

  2. Yeah, fun. Enjoy your holiday, Danial.

  3. I liked it - however I question Mark's logic. Has his dimension only just Superman, or is he completely oblivious to comics and only just encountering Superman?


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