Monday, July 4, 2011

Invincible - So Give Them Blood, Blood, Gallons Of The Stuff - Maxy Barnard

One of my favourite pages of all time is the last one from Generation X #4, where Jubilee is interrupted from her next issue preview by encroaching ice, covering the details of what's to come. So this is, in its own special way, a loving tribute to that sort of page.

And more so a send-up of Invincible's love of the old krovvy (Clockwork Orange reference +1). So, let the claret fly!


Page # - 16(*) panels

*Page layout note: The only panels that are truly visible here are panels 1-8 and panel 16. The rest are entirely drowned underneath the leaking flood of blood that is pouring out from panels 5-8. But for their lack of description, their occupied space still theoretically exists, taking up that bottom half of the page.

Close-up on Invincible's face as he, bloody-nosed and with broken goggles, roars towards his opponent.

Invincible: NEVER...

Super-zoomed out panel here, with Invincible slamming his fist (literally piercing) into the gut of his opponent, now revealed to be a big, fat, godzilla-esque rhino beetle.

Invincible: ..AGAIN!!


Zoomed back in to a reasonable size (perhaps, height-wise, from the top of Invincible's head to his knees) and posing victoriously, Invincible has pulled his bloody, gut-covered fist out of the monster. the hole he has left in the beetle's belly is now lightly spraying blood, hitting Invincible's costume.

Invincible: Yes... It's over.

SFX(blood): spppppp--

The spray from the beetle's belly is getting thick and fast, spraying harder against Invincible (Why haven't I just been calling him Mark? I digress), who is suitably disgusted by this turn of events.

Invincible: What? NO! EW!

SFX(blood): --pppuuuuuuuur--

The spray is at maximum now, almost pushing Invincible over as he leans into it, arms in front of his face. The blood is also trickling out of the panel, towards the previously described pit of blood.



Just as thick a spray now, Invincible is flying full strength against the flow now, with only his body parts at the edge of the panel not dyed red. There is more blood pouring out of this panel than the previous.

Invincible: *NRRRT*


Invincible's arm, pressed against the panel looking for purchase, and his grimaced face are the only things visible against the torrent of red. And again, the blood pouring out of the panel is heavier than previous.


All red, save Invincible's fingers, hooked round the edge of the panel. The blood flow is heaviest here, pouring straight down into the pool of blood that is panels 9-15.

Where the 16th panel should be, there are just Invincible's gloved hands, pressed against the page as if trying to push their way out into reality.

Caption: End?


  1. SPLATTAJAM! That is my new favourite sound effect noise.

    I like the page Max. It's gross and fun. Mostly gross, but that's fun.

  2. It's good to have you back, Max. I love the visual of this page, and the OTT idea behind it.

  3. I love this page, if only for the Sound Effects. They made me laugh out loud. Seriously and literally.


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