Saturday, July 2, 2011

J. Jonah Jameson - Editor Commander-In-Chief - MK Stangeland Jr.

(The scene is election night, after the polls have close and the winner has been announced. As it so happens, the winner is J. Jonah Jameson.)

(6 Panels)

Panel 1: Panel has pulled out from the TV, revealing that we are in the Avengers Mansion, where some members of the NEW AVENGERS are watching the results. At the bottom of the TV screen is a title across the screen that says “LIVE: President-Elect J. Jonah Jameson Victory Speech”.

Among those present and watching the TV are WOLVERINE, MS. MARVEL, IRON FIST, POWER WOMAN, ECHO, DAREDEVIL, DR. STRANGE, WONG, and SQUIRREL GIRL. However, this is mostly for the sake of who is present, and it’s not necessary to show all of them at the same time.


JAMESON (1): There were those who thought that this day could never come. That a man like me could never be elected to the highest office in the nation.

JAMESON (2): And to them I ask, ‘who’s laughing now’?

JAMESON (3): I’ll tell ya’ who’s laughing now! I am!

Panel 2: WOLVERINE directs a question to SPIDER-MAN, who is off-panel and hasn’t yet been revealed.

JAMESON: (From off panel, with voice coming out of the TV) Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!

WOLVERINE: I’m surprised at how well you seem to be taking this, web-head.

Panel 3: Panel shows SPIDER-MAN, who is upside down on the wall behind the TV. The TV can be seen just peeking in from the bottom of the panel.

SPIDER-MAN: Oh, I’m just filling my head with positive thoughts. Thinking optimistically about how it could be worse. Such as how at least he’s not Norman Osborn.

Panel 4: SPIDER-MAN is off to one side of the panel, looking towards the other members of the team. In reaction to what SPIDER-MAN says, they look towards each other, betraying what they all did in defiance of what SPIDER-MAN thinks to be the truth. The exception to this is WOLVERINE, because he’s from Canada, and not really eligible to vote in US elections anyway.

SPIDER-MAN (1): And that I’m sure none of my friends ever even considered voting for him.

SPIDER-MAN (2): Right?

Panel 5: The NEW AVENGERS minus SPIDER-MAN are glancing nervously towards one another and SPIDER-MAN, not really sure how keen they are on making eye-contact with him even as they try to explain or come up with excuses for the situation. Once again, only WOLVERINE seems un-phased, content just to keep watching the TV.

SPIDER-MAN: You’re kidding me, right?

POWER WOMAN: You see, it’s like this…

WONG: You have to admit, he has a surprisingly strong...


MS. MARVEL: I certainly wasn’t going to vote for...

Panel 6: Panel focuses on SPIDER-MAN, who’s still upside down, but now has his arms crossed and is glaring at his teammates.

SPIDER-MAN (1): You’re all a bunch of backstabbing traitors, you know that?

SPIDER-MAN (2): Backstabbing.

SPIDER-MAN (3): Traitors.



  1. Craziest presidential speech ever. Imagine voting a guy in and he starts cackling on stage. That's scary.

    I want to know who JJJ ran against. I also want to know if Power Woman is really Jessica Jones' new name...that's lame.

  2. Well, if they'd elect GWB...

    Kinda the reverse of my strip this week (though I know you wrote yours first, MK) - from JJ's worst nightmare to Pete's.

    I can't see Carol ever voting for JJ though. Like Peter, she did use to work for him.

  3. Love it. The panel of everyone awkwardly explaining why they voted for Jonah is golden. Spider-Man's reaction is even better. So irrational on his part, yet so funny. Nice work, MK.

  4. JJ's maniacal laugh is fantastic. As is Wolverine's smug demenour because of his Candian citizenship. I wish that they would play this up more in the boos.

  5. Back in Carol's original 70s book she was editor of the Bugle's Woman Magazine.


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