Sunday, July 24, 2011

THE PROCESS - Comic Writing Podcast

Hi, everybody! Just a quick break from the Why...? posts and script to let you know about something new and exciting.

I figure, if you're here then you're a fan of comic writing, and quite possibly a comic writer yourself, so you should want to know all about a new comic writing podcast made for comic writers by comic writers.

THE PROCESS is a podcast all about comic writing and it features the chatter of KURTIS WIEBE (he who writes The Intrepids and Green Wake for Image Comics), JEREMY HOLT (who writes for Joy Hog and has a slew of quality pitches all up in the air), and also little old me, RYAN K LINDSAY (you can always find me at thoughtballoons, or my own site, or The Weekly Crisis, or CBR, or just churning out my own creator owned scripts currently sitting with artists all around the world). You can also like THE PROCESS on their Facebook page.

On the pod, we discuss what we write, how we write, what we like to write, what difficulties we face writing. The discussion is all about comics, and plenty of comics writing, and it's a whole bag of fun. If you love the writing aspect of thoughtballoons then you should really dig this pod.

Also, enjoy that logo because thoughtballoons tenure, Danial Carroll, came up with the whole thing. We think it's gorgeous.

Hit up the link below to download the first Episode (we're hosted by Image Addiction so just click for the free download while we're still the top choice on their list):

Feel free to add the pod to your podcast catcher, whatever it may be (I use iTunes), as the Image Addition show is really good as well. and it's all free.

Have a listen, enjoy, sling us some feedback on Twitter, and tune in really soon for the next installment which has already been recorded!

Have you listened to THE PROCESS? What did you think and what sort of stuff would you like us to do?

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  1. As I told Jeremy over at the Nathan Edmondson board, I gave this one a listen the other day on the commute. I really enjoyed the first episode and it's awesome to have a podcast entirely from a writer's perspective.

    Looking forward to Episode 2.


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