Monday, July 11, 2011

Thunderbolts - In the Cards - Ben Rosenthal

Panel 1 goes the length of the page. 2 – 7 are small profile shots of each of the individual Thunderbolts, with 3 panels per line. Panel 8 is the same size as Panel 1.

1 – A dimly lit room in The Raft. Some of the Thunderbolts (Songbird, Satana, Juggernaut, Man-Thing, Mach-V and Moonstone) sit around a table. Their heads are down, hands in front of them. All are concentrating. They are playing a game of cards.


You know the game. Let’s see how you all go without cheating.

2 – A tight panel of Songbird as she looks at one of her opponents (Moonstone).


Come on Moonstone. Just one more slip up and I get to send you back to your nice damp cell.

3 – A tight panel of Moonstone, eyes closed and lost in an arousing thought.


...rubbing the honey all over Cage’s chest.

4 – A tight shot of Juggernaut. His helmet takes up the entire panel. He has only one card in his hand.


Who runs a card night and only brings diet coke? Reforming sucks.

5 – A tight shot of Mach-V, peeping over the top of his cards. He does not want anyone to see his hand.


C’mon, c’mon, c’mon.

6 – A tight shot of Satana looking off panel (at Man-Thing).


I would give ten freshly reaped souls for one of his roots right now.

7 – A tight shot of Man-Thing. He is holding his cards incorrectly, with some facing the wrong way. The corner of another card hangs out his mouth.



8 – The same as Panel 1, however Mach-V is walking away from the table throwing his cards on the ground in disgust.


Do you have a 3?


Go fish.




  1. A very Bendis page. But kind of in a good way.

    There's just so much to love - Moonstone's line is cool, so is Juggernaut's, Satanna's is an eyebrow raiser (but who hasn't thought that?), and Man-Thing's made me laugh. Might not be great characterisation but it made me laugh.

    But nothing made me laugh as much as the pay off. This is such a fun page. Love it.

  2. I liked this one-- a bit of down to earth humour in the Marvel U. In tone and execution it kind of reminded me of the card game in BKV's 'The Hood' mini-series.

  3. These are some of my favourite kinds of pages. I love seeing these colourful characters going through all the mundane activities that people do in everyday living. In my opinion, they often make for some of the best moments, and yours is no exception to that, Ben.

  4. Thanks guys. I didn't really write this to be in character. It started as a character piece with al lof the villians playing poker. Then I thought "Actually, they are trying to reform. They should be playing a Go Fish". From there came Man-Thing's line and image and I just knew I had to make it a bit more light hearted.

  5. I saw the final gag coming, but I still enjoyed it. Does Man-Thing really think like that though? Just the concept of Man-Thing playing cards was enough to make me smile.


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