Friday, July 15, 2011

Thunderbolts - Pain – Ryan K Lindsay

1. Cage and Satanna lay at the feet of Man-Thing. There is blood around them, on them, but otherwise they are back and safe in The Raft. They are both panting while lying down and it looks like they’ve been through hell. In fact, they’ve just experienced worse, but at least they survived. Man-Thing kind of looks unscathed.
Caption-Cage: When you’ve got indestructible skin there’s not a lot that actually scares you.

2. Cage looks across at Satanna, she doesn’t look as cocky as usual. She was scared, she only just survived.
Caption-Cage: You might fear for others but you don’t fear for yourself. Nothing can harm you.

3. Cage reaches across a hand to touch Satanna’s face.
Caption-Cage: Such power numbs you. Makes you forget pain…
Cage: You’re okay, you’re okay.

4. Cage and Satanna kiss under the hulking mass of the Man-Thing.
Caption-Cage: Forget you can cause it as well.

This script comes from the thought that no relationship is perfect. Luke Cage loves Jessica Jones, I have little doubt of that, and I’m certain he’s a great husband and brilliant father, but anyone can make a mistake. Look at the celebrities of this generation (and plenty before), they find fidelity so difficult. They’re on the road a lot, they have the opportunity constantly, and in the end something breaks through the gaps. I kind of want to see that happen to Cage just because it would seem incredibly real. The guy was dubbed a pants man back in Alias and he’s certainly got the charisma to draw plenty of eyes. Surely something will eventually go wrong. They should show more superheroes cheating because it feels so realistic to their situation. Hell, Matt Murdock nearly always kisses someone else while in a relationship. These things happen. I don’t think it would make Cage a bad person, and I’m sure they’d work through it, but it just feels like it would happen – especially up at the Raft with all these scantily clad women.

Unless my wife is reading, and then this is purely fiction and so unbelievable – 1 star.


  1. Cool idea, Ryan. And nicely scripted. That final line is great. Would love to see this idea explored.

  2. Wow, great page. You do seem to hear about actors and musicians, who are "on the road" a lot, straying, so it makes sense that superheroes would too. I think that being in traumatic situations would also heighten any emotions that might creep their way in, so you're right, it would add a level of realism to the stories... though only if they showed the aftermath as well--the guilt, the pain etc--and not just a slap in the face and carry on as usual.

  3. It's well-scripted and believable, but that didn't stop me wanting to shout: NOOOOOOOO! Especially not with Satana!

    As Danial says, the adrenaline rush of traumatic situations would lead to this happening, couple with your own "power numbs" justification, Ryan... but I still don't have to like it.

  4. Been too long since I visited / commented on Thought Balloons, and what a great piece to come back to. Fantastic use of the Cage's persona Ryan, and I love the line about Man-Thing being practically unscathed -- he always has that same look on him after a battle like "yeah, someone bring me some fertilizer and water me; I'll be fine." After just reading Alias, I could pretty much see something like this happening with the way Cage can be. Phenomenal page.

  5. Great idea, Ryan, and fantastic execution. It's not something I've ever really thought about, but I like your take on the idea of superhero infidelity. The captions read real nice, but Cage's dialogue ("You're okay, you're okay.") sells the page in my mind. Those repeated words say so much and make the page believable. Well done.

  6. This is my favourite page so far, mostly for the concept alone.

    I loved Cage's captions here, the setup and the payoff in the last panel. Really good stuff!

    I really wish writers in the Marvel U played around with a similar concept with someone who's strait-laced and a 'family man'. It makes sense with the lifestyles they lead as many have pointed out.


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