Friday, July 15, 2011

Thunderbolts - Second Guessing - Grant McLaughlin

A calmer script this week.  I think I used up a good part of my dialogue quota on that Invincible piece, so I figured I'd take it easy this time around.  This page would take place after the current Thunderbolts storyline, assuming they get the Raft back up and running (and assuming Shocker is still among its occupants).

Five rows. Each row is made up of a single panel that spans the entire page.

1 – Herman Schultz, the Shocker, stands in his cell, wearing the Raft's prisoner uniform and looking towards John Walker who is at the cell control panel.

JOHN WALKER: I want to personally thank you for your help in securing the Raft, Schultz. You really proved yourself out there. If you keep up this kind of behaviour, you could be out in the field with the Thunderbolts sooner than you think.

SHOCKER: Glad I could be of--

SFX (interrupting): Click!

2 – The window / force field closes. Shocker remains in the same standing position, now obscured by the cell door. John Walker is leaving, already mostly off the panel.


3 – Same panel. Shocker continues to stand in the same position and no one is outside his cell. He looks to his left, but there's nothing to see but his cell wall.

4 – Repeat panel. He looks to his right, and sees the other wall.

5 – Repeat panel. He looks down and places his head in his hand.

SHOCKER (quietly): ...why the hell didn't I try to escape?


  1. Everyone's loving Shocker this week :)

    I think he was one of the ones who disabled their nanites during Jugg's breakout, so I'm sure he'll see freedom soon enough ;)

  2. So, basically, John Walker is a dick. I love it. This is one of those simple pages that absolutely pops. Great work, Grant!

  3. That's a really nicely paced page, Grant.

    I guess Shocker must break out soon though, since he's about to show up on Spider-Island with four arms.

  4. Liked this one too (my Shocker bias has nothing to do with it, honest).

    Reading through this page I could see it all VERY clearly in my head. The page is lacking in dialogue and is played mostly through the visuals but it really works.

    A strong page.

  5. Thanks, everyone! I'm glad you guys liked it and I'm glad I got a chance to write me some Shocker. Have loved that guy since I first encountered him on the Spider-Man animated series in the mid-90s.


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