Saturday, July 16, 2011

Thunderbolts – Turncoat - MK Stangeland Jr.

(The ‘Underbolts’ are trying to make their escape, having decided now is the proper opportunity. SHOCKER was interested in only escape, while BOOMARANG, CENTURIUS, and MR. HYDE have since decided they also want to kill TROLL and the current handlers while they’re at it. This friction between the would-be escapees has caused SHOCKER to turn on his would-be fellow escapees.

MR. HYDE is currently off in another location fighting TROLL and the Underbolts current handlers. SHOCKER has been left to fend to himself against BOOMARANG and CENTURIUS.

(8 Panels)

Panel 1: SHOCKER continues to charge at BOOMARANG, and creates a vibration wave that shatters the boomarangs that have been thrown at him.

BOOMARANG: When did you go soft, Shocker?

SHOCKER: When you guys decided to add murder and revenge to the escape itinerary!

Panel 2-4: One panel cut up into three parts, showing SHOCKER as he gets in close to BOOMARANG, misses with his first swing, hits the ground underneath BOOMARANG’s feet with a vibration wave, and then uses the loss of footing from BOOMARANG to get a solid hit in against BOOMARANG.

SHOCKER (1): What is it with you people?

SHOCKER (2): Why must there always be revenge involved?

SHOCKER (3): You know what I always hated about working with the Sinister Six?

Panel 5: SHOCKER is standing over BOOMARANG, who’s not quite out, but is on the ground, SHOCKER holds BOOMARANG by the neck of his costume, and is prepared to deliver a knockout punch. Behind him, wires can be seen approaching from the top of the panel.

SHOCKER (1): It’s always “I hate Spider-Man this!” and “Let’s kill Spider-Man” that!

SHOCKER (2): No one ever suggests anything simple like…

Panel 6: CENTURIUS wraps his hacking wires around SHOCKER’s neck and arms and pulls him into the air, intent on strangling him.

SHOCKER: *urk!*

CENTURIUS: It’s a pity your simple mind thinks that way.

Panel 7: SHOCKER uses a vibration wave to cut through the wires, freeing himself and dropping the short distance to the ground.

CENTURIUS: There’s a reason you’ve always been a third-rate member of the villain community, Mr. Schultz. You lack vision.

Panel 8 SHOCKER tries to shoot CENTURIUS with a vibration wave, but is blocked by a shield from CENTURIUS.

SHOCKER: I’ll take…*cough, cough*…take common sense over your…*cough*…‘vision’ any day!



  1. Danial's right. Everyone does love Shocker this week.

    I like your take on what the Underbolts escape could look like. It rings true to me, although my script also shows my preference for Shocker, so I may be a little biased on that one.

    Either way, well done, MK.

  2. Good, strong action page, MK, well laid out. I'd have liked to have heard the rest of Shocker's suggestion from panel 5 though... and... before any of our antipodean members jump all over you... man, you need to learn how to spell 'Boomerang'. ;-))

  3. This is one action packed page. There's 8 panels, and lots of action, and lots of dialogue, and yet I think it could work. A good action artist could make this all flow really well down the page in a seemless display of art.

    I can't believe Shocker is so popular, I never got into him - and I really know what the rest of his line was going to be!

  4. Glad to see the Shocker love (it's a combination of his costume and his work ethos that does it for me) again here on this page.

    Nice action and dialogue. My only reservation would be too many panels. But as Ryan said, with a good artist this could really pop.

    The page also serves as a good bit of commentary on Shocker's character too I thought.

  5. I know nothing of Shocker outside of Thunderbolts, so I just have to assume that all this depth you guys are adding is within character, but either way, I really liked this page. Great work!

  6. I think a big part of it is his character, or at least what I've read about his character, where he's not meant to be a villain in the same vein as most bad guys - he at least tries to be professional on some level. For me, it puts him in the same category as characters like Taskmaster and Batroc where they're more concerned about trying to earn a living and just happen to go about it by doing villainous things, rather that going out of their way to be evil when things don't go their way.

    Still, given the amount of attention Shocker's gotten this week, it'll be interesting to see what comes up when someone picks him specifically.


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