Sunday, July 17, 2011

Why Atomic Robo?

Because Atomic Robo is everything that a comic book should be. Brian Clevinger and Scott Wegner have truly created something special. These brilliant gentlemen have released but five volumes featuring our nearly indestructible hero, and already he feels like one of the best developed and most dynamic characters in the entire industry.

In his short publication history, we've already seen Robo travel to Mars, fight in World War 2, defeat a Lovecraftean creature from outside our time stream, resurrect his greatest nemesis, and learn the vigilante trade in the 1930s. Among many other things.

Of course, Atomic Robo isn't only about action and adventure. The comic also manages to fit in loads of great character moments throughout each and every issue. The series is just as much about the people around Atomic Robo as it is about Robo himself.

Fortunately, you don't have to go out and buy all the comics to catch up on Robo's adventures (though you probably should). If you're wanting to get a feel for what Atomic Robo is all about, Brian Clevinger has kindly posted a number of short Robo stories at his website. I would particularly recommend Flight of the Terror BirdsThe Yonkers Devil, and one of my favourite Robo stories, Why Atomic Robo Hates Dr. Dinosaur (the only thing better is issue 3 of volume 4, the aptly named "Why Dr. Dinosaur Hates Atomic Robo").
So there you have it, everyone. We're writing Atomic Robo this week, and I can't wait to see what our tenures and play-at-homers come up with. For anyone wanting to participate, please feel free to post your scripts in the comments below. I hope everyone has as much fun writing their scripts as I know I will.


  1. I've only read a bit of Atomic Robo, but what I have read, I've loved :)

  2. Atomic Robo is one of the best comics to buy through ComiXology because it looks great on the screen, even on an iPhone, and they bundle the trades for a great price. So, go, spend big in Atomic Robo Digital Shares!

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  4. NOTE: There was a little snafu with my original post. Now I know putting text in between these guys < > makes it invisible.

    I've noticed I always post dialogue/character centric pages here. I need to change it up a little next time and inject a little action.

    I toyed with the concept for this page for a while. I'm still not sure if I struck the right tone or not. I love Robo for the interactions he has with real life scientists and history (I've read the first trade and a smattering of the second). His (and Brian's) love of science is all over the pages of AR and so I thought about what Robo would do when faced with those who pervert science in the most sadistic and inhumane of ways.

    So, without further ado...

    NB: I've noticed the comments box here erases some of my formatting (underlining, etc). As such, I've put all the words requiring emphasis in CAPS.

    PAGE 1


    OPEN ON: A MEDIUM CLOSE shot of ATOMIC ROBO facing CAMERA, his hands around the neck of a MAN whose back is to us. Robo looms over the man menacingly. He's wearing the G.I outfit we've seen him in before. We're back in World War 2.

    The scene itself takes place in a small room, bare except a steel table and chair.

    ATOMIC ROBO: Where is he Otto?
    I'm getting tired of asking.

    CLOSE UP on the man being held by Robo-- Otto. He's red in the face and scared out of his mind.

    He's in his late thirties, flecks of grey in his black hair. His round, broken spectacles frame a thin, bony face. He wears a dirty lab coat over a shirt and grey trousers.

    Robo's hands continue to grip him around the neck.

    OTTO: I- I don't know...*

    CAPTION: *Translated from German.


    A SOLDIER appears behind Robo. He puts a hand on his shoulder, trying to calm him. This is PRIVATE TANKOWSKI (a new character--equal parts Bucky and Jimmy Olsen).

    Tankowski is nineteen with a head of thick red hair, freckles and a gangly, awkward disposition. The nickname "Tank" is not in earnest.

    TANKOWSKI: Robo, come on...
    You're scaring him.


    CLOSE UP on Robo as he turns towards Tankowski/CAMERA. His grip tightens.

    ATOMIC ROBO: He should be scared.


    CLOSE UP on Otto. He's crying now, trying to struggle free.

    OTTO: Let me go! I am just a scien-


    WIDE PANEL. EXTREME CLOSE UP on Robo, his face filling the panel as he peers into CAMERA. His pacifying blue eyes have turned the darkest, deepest shade of red.

    You are NOT scientists.
    Now. For the last time...
    WHERE is Dr. Mengele?

  5. @Dan - I like it. A little darker than Robo usually is, but the subject of the script deserves a some darkness. A really effective interogation / emotional character moment you have here. If this is what you call "experimenting", I would say experiment away, because the results make for good comics.

  6. Dan, brilliant page, mate. The "You are NOT scientists." line sold it to me completely. This is a little scary but works very well for the character. Very well done!

  7. @Dan: Hmm, dark. I like dark :)

    As I let all the POH'ers know, you can use simple HTML in comments. Things such as bold and italics :)

  8. Thanks all for the feedback! Pleasantly surprised people enjoyed this one.


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