Sunday, July 3, 2011

Why Invincible?

Because comics should be fun. That’s exactly what Invincible is – fun.

Mark Grayson is the son of the world’s most adored hero, Omni Man. When Mark’s powers finally develop, his days as a superhero begin. However, that is cut short when *spoiler alert* Mark’s father reveals to his son that he is actually of an alien race, and it is his job to conquer earth – with or without Mark’s help.

Sure, there is your odd father/son super powered throwdown. Yes there are numerous real teen issues they touch on, like college life, first girlfriends and being kidnapped and turned into a robot. But it’s not all that mundane kind of stuff – there’s some humour in there too!

Invincible is a mixing bowl of all your favourite comic book characters. One would think that reading a comic that borrows/pays homage so many classic characters and storylines would be an unmitigated mess. That ‘one’ is dead wrong.

With super strength, flight and a lung capacity that puts Dolly Parton to shame (huh?), Invincible is here to remind us that teenage-angst and drama still has a place in the knock-em down, drag them out world of super hero comics. What more would you expect from Robert Kirkman?

Put simply, it’s awesome.

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  1. Invincible – Elephants Have Feelings Too – Shaun Richens

    Before this page THE ELEPHANT was engaged in a fight with the hero BULLETPROOF. Besting him in combat BULLETPROOF made a remark about THE ELEPHANT being a z-list villain. INVINCIBLE turned up just then to help out in the fight. THE ELEPHANT has broken down into tears.

    One Page. Splash Panel.

    In the foreground we see THE ELEPHANT sat on the floor. His head is resting in his hands. He has slightly teary eyes. He is sat in front of a wrecked car, destroyed in his fight with BULLETPROOF. INVINCIBLE is sat on top of the car as he talks to THE ELEPHANT. In the background we see a crowd of people looking on, further away are big buildings making up the skyline of the city. It is a bright clear day. BULLETPROOF is flying off in to the distance.

    INVINCIBLE: Um. Hey. What happened here man?

    ELEPHANT 1: I’m. I’m no good at this being a super villain.
    ELEPHANT 2: I’m just a joke to these people.

    INVINCIBLE: Come on. That’s not true…

    ELEPHANT 1: Yes it is. You think I’m a joke.
    ELEPHANT 2: You never took me serious in any of our fights before.

    INVINCIBLE 1: It wasn’t you though.
    INVINCIBLE 2: It’s me. I guess I just couldn’t see a guy dressed as an Elephant as threatening as other villains.

    ELEPHANT 1: Kids throw toy mice at me in the street ya know.
    ELEPHANT 2: The whole Elephant stigma gets to a guy after a while.

    INVINCIBLE 1: Maybe you need to try a new image. Something more. More intimidating.
    INVINCIBLE 2: Have you ever thought about maybe being like The Rhino.
    INVINCIBLE 3: You could still use the grey costume.


    I hope my page captured some of the humor and playfulness that is a big part of Invincible.


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