Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Batwoman - Old Money - Matt Duarte

Batwoman in “Old Money” by Matt Duarte

I obviously imagined this would be illustrated by J.H. Williams III, but in my mind, the layout for this would be like this: the first panel is roughly one third of the page with the second one as an inset of it. The third and fifth panel would take the rest of the page, with the fourth panel acting as a small transition in the middle of those two.

Panel 1

Description: An outside shot of Kane mansion, imposing and sprawling. We can see a figure jumping around the roofs, though we can't see who it is, there are two very familiar pointy edges on the head of this person.

CAPTION: The Kanes are old money. Old money means they won't notice something is missing until long after it's gone.

Panel 2

Description: The same figure as before is jumping gracefully through an open window, boots first, and this time we can see that it's a woman. Seen from inside the room, we can see lots of expensive decoration, worthy of a mansion.

CAPTION: I'm not proud of it, but it's not the first time I've raided this family's coffers.

Panel 3

Description: The same woman as before, trying to open a safe located in the room. From behind, we can see that she has short hair and is wearing some clothes that while somewhat baggy, still show her form.

CAPTION: I normally prefer a bigger challenge...

SPEECH (out of panel): I thought I saw a pretty cat...

Panel 4

Description: Small panel connection panel 3 and 5. The woman has turned around, revealing it to be none other than Selina Kyle, Catwoman. She is wearing her Darwyn Cooke-style costume, with the hood pulled down revealing her short hair and night goggles


Panel 5

Description: The lower bottom of a woman's face. A set of striking red lips, smirking, showing her teeth only barely. Her skin looks unnaturally pale, particularly in comparison with the long red flowing hair by her sides. We can see the pointy end of a black mask just above her nose.

BATWOMAN: I did, I did see a pretty cat!

Next: Cat vs. Bat!


  1. Weird, this posted at a different time than intended/scheduled. I think it might have been because of Blogger's new interface. Let me know if anyone else experiences any problems like this.

  2. A great set-up for an inevitable confrontation, Matt, with added Tweety gag. Cool.

  3. Cool page. I love the combination of these two characters. The last panel has a killer line and what I feel would be a really good looking image. Great stuff.

  4. Solid page that builds to a good final image accompanied by THAT line.

    I originally read this page tired and cranky on the train back from Paris and it raised a smile. No mean feat!

  5. I agree. A solid meeting between the two ladies. It's a good premise with a solid execution.

    My only nitpick is that isn't it "puddy" and not "pretty"? (Asks the guy who apparently takes his Looney Tunes too seriously)


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