Saturday, August 13, 2011

Captain Marvel – Deceptive Appearances - MK Stangeland Jr.

(5 Panels)
Panel 1: CAPTAIN MARVEL has just helped the JUSTICE LEAGUE INTERNATIONAL defeat a godzilla-like monster. GUY GARDNER has hand on CAPTAIN MARVEL’s shoulder.
GUY GARDNER: Not bad, Cap’n Marv. Not bad.
CAPTAIN MARVEL: Thank you, Mr. Gardner. I think.
Panel 2: GUY GARDNER is pointing with his thumb over his shoulder as CAPTAIN MARVEL is trying to hide that he’s concerned.
GUY GARDNER (1): No sweat.
GUY GARDNER (2): Anyway, the team was planning to go celebrate how kick-@$$ we all are, and some of them were wondering if you wanted to join us. I know a great bar in town and…
Panel 3: CAPTAIN MARVEL looks hesitant as he considers what answer to give, seeing how he’s technically underage, without giving away his secret identity.
CAPTAIN MARVEL: Perhaps such celebration should be saved for later. For now, there’s cleanup to attend to!
GUY GARDNER: Should take all of thirty minutes to take care of the body. Especially if you’re volunteering to pitch in.
Panel 4: CAPTAIN MARVEL continues to rebuff GUY GARDNER
CAPTIAN MARVEL: Even still, there must be a better means of celebrating than with alcohol! A heroes body should be a temple, after all!
GUY GARDNER: You serious? Tell me you’re kidding me, here.
CAPTAIN MARVEL: Of course not! Why would I jest about such things?
Panel 5: GUY GARDNER gives up, and begins to fly off. CAPTAIN MARVEL looks disappointed.
GUY GARDNER (1): Well, I’m sure that if you’re really so against it, you might be able to get a soda or water there, too. Feel free to join us if you change your mind.
GUY GARDNER (2): Otherwise, it’s your loss.


  1. This is from my favourite period of DC history, when Cap and Guy Gardner were together with Booster and Beetle in the League, so you were onto a winner with me from the start, MK.

    Great up until the final panel - the Guy I knew wouldn't just have given up like that, he'd have used it as an excuse to poke fun at or belittle Cap.

  2. Guy is just flying off to get the super-hookers, right?

    I like the premise, and Capt Marv's jitters at being found out or doing something wrong is really kind of sweet.

  3. This script feels a little off to me. Captain Marvel's voice kind of gets lost and confused - it starts really well ("Mr. Gardner"), but then moves to a level of language that I feel is above what Billy Batson normally uses.

    More importantly, I feel like the script falls a little flat. The concept of Guy insisting on boozing and Billy being super nervous is good, but it doesn't really go anywhere. There is an interesting conflict happening, but then Guy just drops it. I have to agree with Rol in that Guy wouldn't give up so easily.

    Sorry, MK, I guess this one just didn't resonate with me.


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