Friday, August 12, 2011

Captain Marvel - Painting the Town Red - Grant McLaughlin

Three rows of equal size. The first row is a single panel, taking up a third of the page. The second and third rows are made up of three panels each (all of equal size).

1 – Captain Marvel sits at a table in a fancy restaurant. It is well-peopled, with all of the other patrons dressed to the nines. Our hero is being attended by a prim and proper maitre d'. Some of the patrons are trying to steal glances at Captain Marvel, but they aren't doing much else. It strikes me as a pretty great image if Captain Marvel were in the process of stuffing his napkin down the front of his shirt to use as a bib with one hand, so he's definitely doing that. The other hand holds his menu. However, the matire d's arrival interrupts this action, and Captain Marvel looks up, flustered to be caught in the act. He clearly isn't used to this kind of place.

MAITRE D': Capitaine Merveille, let me thank you once again for attending the grand opening of La Grande Fromage Rouge.

CAPTAIN MARVEL (1): Uh, you're welcome?

CAPTAIN MARVEL (quietly) (2): ...I think?

MAITRE D': Have you decided which of our magnifique dishes you would like to have ce soir?

2 – The maitre d' has a pen and pad, ready to take Captain Marvel's order. Captain Marvel has recovered himself and now holds his menu with both hands, bib firmly in place.

CAPTAIN MARVEL: Yes, could --

MAITRE D' (interrupting): Would you care to try our savoury escargots?

3 – The matire d' continues to prattle on, calm and collected. Captain Marvel waves with both hands (one still holding the menu) to try to get his attention.

CAPTAIN MARVEL: No, that's alright --

MAITRE D' (interrupting): Or may I suggest the braised tofu with shiitake mushrooms?

4 – The maitre d' barely seems to recognize that Captain Marvel is talking. Captain Marvel is flustered again.  He tries to get the maitre d's attention with one hand.

CAPTAIN MARVEL: Really, I just --

MAITRE D' (interrupting): Or perhaps the pumpkin and squash soufflé would be of interest to you?

CAPTAIN MARVEL: Well, uh, those all sound interesting...

5 – Back in control of the conversation, Captain Marvel is looking more confident.  He wears a big smile. The matire d' is surprised by what he hears.

CAPTAIN MARVEL: But could I just get some ice cream?

6 – The maitre d' is incredulous. This is not at all what he was expecting. Captain Marvel smiles on.

MAITRE D': Ice cream?

7 – Captain Marvel is pleased. His smile grows a little wider. He knows he's making the choice he wanted all along.


CAPTAIN MARVEL (2): Chocolate, if you have it.


  1. I like the name of the restaurant and the Captain's attitude throughout. This script made me both smile and go 'aww'.

  2. Man, this one is pretty tight. You start big, set the scene, and then stacatto blew away at Cap'n M until it's actually reversed and it is he who flusters the hired help. The ordering of ice cream is just perfect, those final lines sell me. I could see the cartoony lines already.

  3. Absolutely brilliant. It's such a simple concept, but the execution of it is so wonderful. I love this page to bits, and I am jealous I did not think to write it.


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