Monday, August 29, 2011

Kate Kane - One More Time - Ben Rosenthal

1. We see Kate Kane in her car, looking at her from the passenger’s seat. She is looking in her handbag. Outside of the car, and clearly visible through the driver’s side window is a young Renee Montoya. Renee is dressed in her patrol officer uniform, and has her note book and pen in hand. She has just pulled over Kate for speeding.


It’s in here somewhere. I can never find a thing in this garbage sack.


That’s ok, Ms Kane. While you’re battling the forces of your handbag you can tell me what you do for a living.

For the ticket.

2. Kate is in the bottom left corner of the panel, looking up. She is cut out against a memory of hers. In it, she is fighting bank robbers as The Batwoman.



3. Back to the same framing as Panel 1, but Kate is looking at Renee.


Coffee trainer.


A coffee trainer?

4. A close up of Renee. She has a cheeky little smile on her face.


How do you train beans to become coffee?

5. A close up of Kate. She is smiling.



6. A tighter shot of Renee through the car window. The back of Kate’s head is visible in the bottom left corner. Renee is writing on her notepad.


I’m going to let you off with a warning, but you have to promise me to slow down from now on.

Should you have any questions that need answering –

7. A close up of the piece of paper in Kate’s hand. It reads:

Renee - 555 434 632


Give me a call

With the relaunch of the DC range getting ever closer, I decided to revisit something. Specifically, a relationship. Yes, the world has changed, but there are some things which are just meant to be. If the whole universe can start again, why can't relationships.


  1. Ben an excellent page. A nice idea executed so well. The final panel is adorable. Also i love seeing a character out of the costume seeing what kind of person they really are and for me at least you should a lot of what Kate is about in this tight one page story.

  2. Lovely script, Ben. These quiet, character moments are always fabulous when done right - and it's been done to aplomb here.

  3. Great concept and you used my favourite female character in the DCU.

    The dialogue and characters voices are both spot on. A quieter, more character focused page than most and stronger for it I think.

  4. This is a wonderful piece, Ben. Love the back and forth between Kate and Renee. I would be pleased as punch to see this in the relaunch.


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