Friday, August 5, 2011

Phonogram - Dawn of the Phonomancers - Danial Carroll

PAGE ONE (seven panels)


We see a wide view of the main stage at the Big Day Out. There is a crowd of thousands standing before it.

CROWD: Hilltop! Hilltop! Hilltop! Hilltop!

Closer on the stage, we see Suffa, Pressure, and DJ Debris, of the Hilltop Hoods, walking out on stage. Their hands are in the air, greeting the crowd. Suffa has a mic to his mouth.

SUFFA: What's up, Sydneeeeey!

Close on Suffa, pointing to his left.

SUFFA: Pressure MC, what time is it?

Close on Pressure, mic to mouth. His hand is gesturing in the standard hip-hop fashion.

PRESSURE (1): Quarter to midnight, a sea of slaughter I’m in flight,
PRESSURE (2): Red running water getting caught in the rip tide.
PRESSURE (3): Cars out of order man I thought I could hitch hike,
PRESSURE (4): Sporting a chainsaw for I’m avoiding a fist fight.

We see both Pressure and Suffa singing out to the crowd. The lyrics they are singing are superimposed across the whole panel:

They built my city on top of a grave,
Now the dead roam the street like a rotting parade.
Quarantined and forgotten for days,
These are the stories of those who have gotten awaaaay.

From behind them, we see Pressure and Suffa waving out to the crowd.

SUFFA: Sydney, you've been--
PRESSURE: What the fuck?

Closer on the crowd, having all turned into zombies.

CROWD (1): Brains.
CROWD (3): Huurk.
CROWD (4): Gluuuuur.

So in case you didn't catch on, the premise of this page is that the Hilltop Hoods have a song about zombies. It's called Parade of the Dead and it's hilarious. Even if you don't like hip-hop, you should track it down and have a listen :)


  1. 7 ratings but no critique. I'd assume a case of "if you don't have anything good to say, don't say anything at all" except that the ratings are decent. Ponderous...

  2. I was going to wait to see if my thoughts were justified, but I guess I'll kick start it.

    I like the script. I like the Hoods. I really like the zombies. It's a well written page.

    My only quibble, and I'm not even sure if it is a quibble, is that I was lead to believe that the magic that music possesses is not that powerful. I can't change someone from being alive to dead - just sort of manipulate them, or move them in a certain direction. Like how some forms of music can make you feel happy or sad.

    I could be completely wrong though, so feel free to disregard.

  3. I'm trying to nail down the tone of this. In the end, it feels like the Hoodies have become the new Mr T cartoon. That is how I see this page.

    I like the concept, I just wish the zombie in the crowd wasn't then yelling "BRAINS!" - makes me think of Return of the Living Dead.

  4. @Ben: I'm pretty sure you're right. I just wanted to amp things up :)

    @Ryan: I don't know of any Mr T cartoons, so I'll have to take your word for it. And as for the Zombies, I wanted the old school brain-eating zombies due to the song being an homage to such films :)

  5. Another fan of the concept here (though again, no knowledge of the band/music).

    I think there might be too much dialogue in panel 4 (which would be the third panel on the tier if I'm visualising it correctly) so the lyrics/dialogue may need spacing out a bit more.


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