Monday, August 15, 2011

R2-D2 – His Only Hope - Ben Rosenthal

1. R2D2 is taking up most of the panel, shown from half way up. There are two people with him, however we cannot see who they are as they are out of panel. One of these people is currently trying to ‘fine tune’ a message that R2D2 is playing back (you know, the blue hologram thing). Show this by having a pair of hands doing ‘tuning’ things to R2 I guess. Not like that though. Sicko.

The blue hologram is scrambled. We can see that it is of a humanoid figure, but cannot make out who it is.

VOICE ONE (off panel)

Wait, wait. Something is playing.


-ksssst- long I’ve been here. I don’t kn – kssst- Fox.

2. Same as Panel 1, but the hologram is scrambled beyond recognition.

VOICE TWO (off panel)

Get it back!


I’m working on it I’m working on it.

3. Same as Panel 1.


-kssssssst - ...things he has done in my name. My clone is evil and must be stopped!

VOICE ONE (off panel)

Wait, I think I’ve got it.

4. Same as Panel 1, however the hologram has been unscrambled. We can now see that the person giving the holographic message is George Lucas. His hands are chained and has obviously been held prisoner for at least the last fifteen years.


Help me internet community. You’re my only hope!


  1. @Ben. What a totally different take on the character than MK's page. The use of a classic Star Wars scene fans will all be familiar with adds to the final comedic impact of the page.
    Your use of small hints as to the true nature of the page along the way was also inspired. I didn't even pick up on the Fox reference until my second read through, and damn what a great final image and line. What a combo.

  2. Well this certainly explains a few things.

    A nice comedic page and,as always, not what I expected. Good stuff!

  3. So, the clone made the movies about the clone wars? Is Clucas being all meta with that, or what?

  4. While I may not buy into the distasted that many have developed for Lucas, I still have to say I like the way you've twisted things for this page, both in terms of playing off of a familiar scene from the movies and an 'explanation' for why things have gone the way they have.


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