Sunday, August 14, 2011

R2-D2 – Loyal to the End - MK Stangeland Jr.

(7 Panels)

Panel 1: A thin panel that stretches across the top of the page. All that can be see is space, though a slight tint or pattern to the image should suggest it is being looked at through some form of shielding.

Panel 2: Panel, stretched across the page like panel 1, pulls backwards to show R2-D2 sitting in the astromic droid slot of an XJ model X-Wing, looking out into space.

Panel 3: Panel is tilted to show C-3PO standing next to the X-Wing looking up at R2-D2.

C-3PO: Artoo, you really should come down.

Panel 4: JAGGED FEL walks up next to C-3PO.

C-3PO: There’s nothing you can accomplish up there.

JAGGED FEL: How long has he been up there?

C-3PO: Oh! Hello, Jagged.

Panel 5: C-3PO turns to JAGGED FEL. JAGGED looks like he’s really thinking about the situation.

C-3PO: He went up there as soon as he heard about Master Luke. He hasn’t come down since. I don’t know what to do!

JAGGED FEL (1): Maybe…

JAGGED FEL (2): Maybe he just needs time.

C-3PO: Time? Time for what?

Panel 6: C-3PO looks as surprised as one can when they’re a droid with an unmoving face. JAGGED continues to talk to him.

JAGGED FEL: To mourn.

C-3PO: To mourn? But certainly you don’t think that’s possible for a droid, do you?

JAGGED FEL: Normally I might agree with you, but with what I’ve heard about your friend…

Panel 7: Close up on R2-D2’s dome as it sticks up out of the astromic slot.

JAGGED FEL: (Off-Panel) …I might make an exception.



  1. Wow. An excellent and moving concept. I was wondering where this was going, and the reveal at the end sweeps in and knocks your socks off. I think the final exchange between 3P0 and Jegged Fel could be a little tighter, but it doesn't take away from the script's emotion.

  2. Does this tie into an actual story where Luke dies, or is it all your creation? I have no idea who this Jagged fellow is, but I liked the idea of R2 mourning. Nice job.

  3. There's some interesting vidual staging to accompany the words here. My main concern is, where is this taking place? In a hanger?

    Otherwise, great concept. And you play it low key, as you should. Great start to the week.

  4. @ Dan - No, this is all my creation. The expanded universe hasn't killed him off quite yet, but unless they stop moving forward and try to fill in the time gap between where the books are now and the eventual state of the galaxy, Luke's going to bite it sooner or later by one means or another (I've read he even shows up as a Force Ghost in Legacy).

    Jagged himself is a creation of the Expanded universe, he gets more presence in the more recent/later books/comics.

    @ Ryan - It's meant to be a hanger, but I didn't realize till you pointed it out that I overlooked specifying as such. It's one of those cases where I had this image in my head, and completely forgot about how 'oh, yeah, people probably could use some help figuring out what I'm talking about'.

  5. @MK What a great start to the week. The way you wrote dialogue for C3 P0 was pitch perfect. It felt bang on how he interacts with R2. Furthermore the way you conveyed R2's emotions was amazingly well handled and i truly felt it. No ease feat when we are talking about a droid. A really great page.

  6. Dialogue wise this was pretty on the money and using the other two characters to get an idea of what R2 may be feeling was also well implemented.

    Like others though the lack of location kind of knocked me out of it slightly.

  7. Yep, R2 always struck me as the most human of droids, despite his lack of speech.

  8. Great script. I especially like the highlighted difference between C3PO and R2.

  9. I had no idea who this Jagged Fel guy is, but other than that, good script.


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