Tuesday, August 16, 2011

R2-D2 - Street Fighting Droid - Rol Hirst

The story so far…

Luke Skywalker has crash-landed on a strange planet with only R2-D2 and C-3PO for company. They’ve arrived in a strange city that has been ravaged by a plague of marauding creatures who hide their faces under hoods and communicate only via handheld portable computers. These strange, violent humanoid aliens are known as “The Y’Oof”. They have looted, pillaged and burned the city to the ground, killing everyone who opposed them. And now, they’re face-to-face with an unarmed Luke Skywalker. Well, not entirely unarmed…

Panel One.

Facing the oncoming horde of Y’Oof, Luke calls back to R2-D2 for his lightsaber, holding out his hand ready to catch the weapon when R2 fires it at him.

Luke: R2…?

Panel Two.

Close on R2-D2. The lightsaber ejects from its storage place in the top of R2’s dome…

R2D2: Squee boop whoop wheee---!

Panel Three.

…but the saber doesn’t launch towards Luke. It remains sticking out of R2. C-3PO approaches, looking panicked. The Y’Oof swarm towards Luke.

Luke: Hurry up, R2…!

R2-D2: Widdle boop b-doop beeep!

C-3PO: What do you mean, it’s stuck?

R2-D2: Squiddle bee-boop bing bwooooop!

C-3PO: Well, unstick it, you wretched watering can! Master Luke needs his---

Panel Four.

The Y’Oof fall upon Luke – he’s swamped by their locust-like attack. C-3PO throws his arms up in panic while R2-D2 hops from one foot to the other in frustration.

C-3PO: Master Luke! Oh, look what you’ve done, you binary-spewing bucket of diodes! They’re killing him! They’re killing him!

R2-D2: Ping bweedle boopledee--!

Panel Five.

Unable to detach the lightsaber from his dome, R2 does the only thing he can… activating the lightsaber and launching himself into battle to save his master.

SFX (saber): Neeeeoooooowm!

C3PO: R2 – no, what are you doing? Come back – R2D2, no!!


  1. Topical, heartfelt (I assume Rol has fought off some Y'oof this month as well), and paced so that it's more than just the concept, it's still a page that works. Nice stuff, old man. Now get back to oppressing the young, keeping jobs away from them, and generally salting the earth for the next generation :)

  2. So Rol you are the brave man who has taken the plunge and actually had R2 'speak'. You made it work really well in your piece. Having Luke and C3 PO there really helps as they are the main characters he communicates with.

    I enjoyed the concept a lot. Having R2 has a real hero was a great one, however the image of R2 going into battle with a lightsaber head was quite a comedic one.

  3. Topical, fun page and that last image is pretty nifty.

  4. I'm in agreement with Shaun that the final panel makes for an amusing image, and while I don't get why Luke would have R2 holding onto his saber in this scenario, I completely buy into the idea of R2 diving into battle like that in the name of saving his master.

  5. I agree with MK on this one - while the scenario needs some explaining, the actions certainly do not.

    To your credit Rol, I can hear the John Williams score in the background when reading this, so kudos.


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