Saturday, August 20, 2011

R2D2 – The Solitary Protocol – Ryan K Lindsay


1. R2-D2 is in a storage room with a bounty hunter, there’s boxes and not much else around. R2 used a projection of Han Solo to lure this foolish rogue into the room. This is a long shot, establishing the parameters.
Caption: The R2 unit scans the room to ensure they are alone. Not even a wamp rat is within hearing distance.
Caption: The Solitary Protocol initialises.

2. R2’s eye turns blood red.
Caption: Only one will see it.

3. The bounty hunter shows fear as he fumbles for his gun, too late. A red glow is upon him, we can't see R2-D2.
Caption: And not for very long.

I just had to try to take R2-D2 seriously. The little thing can't talk, not really, and its mobility is limited. I wanted to give it a new lease on life, the possibility to be lethal and bad ass. I like the idea it has this special protocol hidden within it and nobody knows about it because if you see it you die. I guess it could kill a Jedi and that Jedi could come back as a glowing ghost thing and tell people but what are the odds of that happening? The universe has trillions of beings in it, and about a dozen of those are Jedis (and they're all busy killing each other). I think the R2 units and their deadly secrets are safe.


  1. Love the way you turned the theme of the week (aww, isn't R2 a cute, lovable and amusing little fella?) on its head, Ryan.

    Beware... DARK ARTOO!

  2. It's not a bad idea, though I'm not sure I'd ever want to see it incorporated into canon in any way.

  3. I would like to see other aspects of R2's personality - if it indeed has other aspects. if we can have a bounty hunter Threepio (same model, different bot) then surely an alternate R2 isn't out of the question.


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