Friday, August 26, 2011

The Riddler - Better Left - Danial Carroll

[I started researching riddles this week, and found that I really, really don't like them, so instead, I decided to research Edward himself. It turns out, he was a really curious kid--incessantly asking questions and such--so I figured that this trait has probably never left him. So, when I think of enquiring minds, I automatically think of...]

Edward Nigma is walking up to a large columned building. A sign nearby reads, "Gotham City Library".

CAPTION: Ever since I was a child, I have questioned the world around me.

He is now seen entering a dark doorway, next to which is a small sign reading, "Grimoire and Occult".

CAPTION: Curiosity is my muse.

He is seen pulling a large, leather-bound book from the shelf.

CAPTION: Some questions, however...

Edward is at a reading-table. His head is upon the table, eyes vacant and dilated, drooling. He has dropped the book, the spine of which reads, "Necronomicon".

CAPTION: Are better left unanswered.


  1. Very nice, Danial. Good combination of the Riddler and Lovecraft. A good idea, and well executed.

  2. Nice, short script and the line "Curiosity is my muse" sells it for me. Good work!

  3. Lovecraft has been popping up in my life a lot of late and here he is again. I loved the concept and felt you executed it really well. The image of the riddler going into the library was awesome. Great work, I really enjoyed the page.

  4. I like the page, and the hook...but it just doesn't feel like a Riddler script to me.

  5. I think Peter Milligan might have written a Lovecrafty Riddler story many years ago... was it called Dark City?


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