Monday, August 22, 2011

The Riddler – Riddle Me This - Ben Rosenthal

1. Night. Edward Nigma sits at a desk, illuminated only by a desk light. He is in a singlet and boxer shorts, however upon his head is his trademark green question mark hat, his black eye mask on his face. He is hunched over his table, pen in hand.

2. A close up of the desk, specifically the paper on which Edward is writing on. On the top of the page it reads ‘Bank Heist’. Below it are words and short sentences, some are legible through the scrawls, some are not. A few crude scrawling of Batman are visible, with his tongue poking out and X’s where Batman’s eyes should be.


Bank Heist there a word or person which contains a knab?

When is the top of a mountain like a saving’s account? When it peaks one’s interest.

3. Looking up at Edward’s face from the desk. His hand rests upon his head, face scrunched up in concentration.


Ugh. Time for an easier gimmick.


  1. Given how hard I've been trying to come up with a good riddle, I connect with this script completely. Really nice.

  2. Ha, nice, Ben! Love the concept. I imagine this is how Riddler plans most of his schemes...

  3. Very cool. What I love more than the setup is the fact that he's wearing his hat and mask while sitting around in his underwear. That mental image is hilarious :)

  4. This has to break the 3 star streak, right? I like this page a lot because it's simple and that final line is just so flat and stark. It's perfect.

    I gotta be honest, after the first panel I was worried you were going to have him look down and see his junk forming a question mark in his hand, or something, ha. Maybe my Ben Expectations are too low, haha.

  5. Neat script, with some hilarious imagery and a situation I'm sure many here empathise with.

    I think we're two for two on the awesome this week. Good work!

  6. Ha, this is a wonderful "get out of jail free" card, Ben, and a great image to go with it. I can see Frank Gorshin pulling this one off.

    Of course, then along comes Ryan's Sicko Mind (tm) and ruins the image for me...

  7. I love this page for three reasons. One the set up and "punch line" work perfectly as a one page script. Two you have taken what is at its core the big challenge with the Riddler, writing cool riddles and made that the little hook for your work. Third I am so glad you didn't take it in the direction Ryan thought. Sometimes that mans imagination does worry me. Great page though Ben.

  8. This is clearly the REAL reason that Edward reformed.

  9. I liked the riddle. Did you come up with it yourself or had you heard it before?

  10. Love it. This is pretty much exactly how I felt coming up with a page, and you parse it down to a concise and perfect piece. That last line is killer.


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